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Well, don't have any of me yet to share, but here's one of my baby girl; Katie is 16 months old and thinks the shoes for her Halloween Minnie Mouse costume are *very* pretty :)


Katie has a (very silly) big brother, Robbie, and here he is with the rest of his 7-and-under soccer team (he's the blondie second from the right in the back row, making a I'm-not-quite-as-obnoxious-as-the-little-guy-in-the-front-row face :doh: -- I'm next to him, far right in the back row, pretending not to know he's being goofy :) ):


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this is my fiance` and I at Tampa 11-13-05

section 114 seat 11 and 12

had a great time even tho Alstott didn't make it and odell didnt make the sideline catch and was not pushed out of bounds we seen it all

Jonathan Roach

Brenda Westra

and yes thats Joe Gibbs in the middle lil picture

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