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Originally posted by Fred21Smoot

Does anyone know how I can put my pick up here. Im usually good at things like this, but my pic is saved on my comp unders my pics. its not on the net.

That's ok.

You can attach it. At the bottom of the page you get with you hit "reply" you'll see a box that says "Attach file" then browse and add the file.

Hope this helps. :)

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At the risk of being maudlin ...

I find it incredibly cool that the fact we have such a diverse community here--- in terms of background, sex, age, religion, race, policitcs, etc.---is really no big deal to anybody. We take for granted (most of us, at any rate) that the lines have been blurred to the point of non-existence ... and it's just no big deal. Considering how human history has been precisely the opposite of that ... it's really pretty incredible when you stop to thing about it.

Internet communities like this one have actually become the Great Melting Pots that, until very recently, were only the stuff of academic myth.

Can't tell you all how proud it makes me to be a part of this.


Okay, back to the pics now. :)

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