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What is the most glaring need this offseason?


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1) D-Line

2) Back up DBs

3) 1 aggressive hard hitting safety

4) Runningback that can run between tackles (if Ladell doesn't pan out)

5) Backup to Patrick

6) Couple O-linemen...

hell EVERYTHING.. i think we need to blow this team up

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First.............I think you can only count on rounds 1-3 for starters. If we get starters from lower rounds we should consider ourselves lucky. Yes, other teams do it often but we don't. So if you believe as I do, then you have to look at FA if we need more than 3 new starters, which we probably do.

1st rd - DE

2nd rd - DT

3rd rd - Best avail DL.

None of those positions usually produce starters the first year. Regardless, I would try and get those positions via the first 3 rounds.

Later rounds I'd be looking for a project QB if we determine that Hamden is a bust which it seems like he is in that we went out and got Hasselback.

In FA I'd look for DT, DE, RB, and S.

Ya can't fix EVERYTHING in one off-season and as I've said NUMEROUS times on this board, we have the talent, we just need the coaches to bring it out on the playing field.

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We need extensive work on the DL. Russell is a starter, so spot is taken care of. Yet we need a pass rushing DE and starting DT that can hold his own beside Russell.

I think our defense would be pretty damn good if we got this out of the way. Getting a productive DL would make our linebackers and secondary look so much better.

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We need out Quarterback to mature....and as fans we need to be patient!

Leave this coaching staff alone for another year! Grass is not greener on the otherside.... We have a young team that has a QB that has a grand total of 10 games behind him!!!


Skin 4 Life

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Everyone has made some good points, but I think Skinster has made the most important one. Ramsey needs to mature and get more games behind him. Bledsoe, Favre, and any young QB looks awful their first few season and the team in General struggles.

Will will definately need to draft to fill the D-Line and sign Russell. It looks like Rock is the RB for the offense and that would mean we should look to get a back-up FB to fill that void (3rd-4th round maybe). Drafting a CB is a smart thing to do even if we retain Bailey just because after Smoot there is a drop in talent. We also need to draft a punter unless you want the old timer kicking next year.

Some might think we need to improve the O-Line but I would do it with better coaching, a healthy Fiore, and a maturing Dockery. I think the Skins should keep the line together and see if they can get a better pass block next year. You got to admit Sameuls has been uncharactericly awful this year.

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