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Stephen Davis Vs Keyshawn


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Is there any difference between Keyshawn/Gruden situation and last years Davis/ Spurrier stand off?

Both player are still young enough to play a few years, are still very productive. Both were openly critical of their new coach, and made no bones about wanting out. Both were bench in favor of other players less experienced (though SD was injured) for the rest of the season, both teams were in the mists of a bad season with a 4-6 record. Both players with talent, but the habit of disappearing in key moments. Both coaches had had enough.

Now all I am reading how smart Gruden is, and tough decision good for the team, where Spurrier was raked over the coals even a year later and he still is getting blasted.

If keyshawn has a big year, and the Bucs don't get a quality WR this off season, will Peter King take pot shots at Gruden all next season? If Keyshawn plays against Gruden at any point next season, will he be portrayed as the helpless victim as SD was?

Just curious?

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One major difference: Stephen Davis had a history of being a guy who was team oriented, Keyshawn has a history of being self oriented. That difference causes a huge difference in perception, and teh kind of press that gets generated.

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Originally posted by Mick

As far as the title of the thread - Stephen Davis vs. Keyshawn, it's not even close - Keyshawn kicks Stephen's @ss hands down. If Davis got his butt kicked by WR Michael Westbrook, no doubt he'd get run over by the similar built receiver K-Johnson

It's awesome as we as redskin fans all remember Davis getting beaten up by Westbrook, I wonder how many non Skins fans remember/know about that... wasn't that around the same time that Tracy Murray got beaten up by Rod Strickland? I know there was a Wizards incident at around the same time, I think it was Murray / Strickland.

As for the thread, Davis is known to be a team player, and although I am not checking stats, he single handedly carried a team, and carried it pretty well in prior years. I don't think you can say the same about Keyshawn. Keyshawn also has the rep of talking more than he produces- basically no one could produce the amount that Keyshawn talks anyway...

Let's face it, Davis was a likable guy and a likable football player. What kills me is I've read stuff in the media which implied that "Washington" didn't appreciate Davis... wth is that about! I have seen numerous guys on this board alone who still support Davis... I mean, I think most of us do / did. Stupid Panthers players have quotes like "We like him here, I don't know about Washington" and it sounds like they are extending beyond the FO to the fans with the way they have said it, which is just plain wrong. But whatever, now I think I'll be rooting for him to stink, I didn't appreciate his postgame actions.

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Originally posted by codeorama

Great points...

I totally agree Bubba, Davis may have had a history of being a team player, but last year, all we heard about was how unhappy he was and he wasn't getting the ball enough.

Pretty much the same situation in my book.

But he wasn't a cancer like Keyshawn, you guys are thinking way to much here. SD didn't put his house on the market, didn't miss pratices, didn't tell the FO that he would rather retire then play here. Davis was a standup guy last year when they put in the young backs.

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