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OT-Adu signs 6 year deal with DC United


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Let's not start comparing soccer to football. I am a huge football fan, but soccer is more exciting to play and to watch. Especially when you consider the TV timeouts. I watch the two together sometimes on different channels and I am always shocked at the dead time in an average football game.

BTW - Adu is a significant athlete. His money at his age will send ripples throughout the American sports scene. Let's see, I can play football and start making money if I'm not hurt after my Junior year. Or, I can play Baseball or Basketball and start earning after highschool. Or I can play soccer and start earning big money at 14 (in Europe they start signing them at 12). This could have a profound impact.

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Guest SkinsHokie Fan

This is gonna be great. I have had DC United season tix since they started MLS and even in the "glory days" of the mid 90s nobody this spectaculor has ever played for or against United. I am psyched.

This kid has it all. Speed, strong, moves and whatever. Just wait till he actually grows up and develops. He aint the Lebron of soccer, he is gonna be the Jordan of soccer

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Originally posted by Ancalagon the Black

SnydertheHun, don't open that Pandora's Box. When the soccer World Cup was on last year (during the offseason, no less), the debate was fast and furious.

Suffice it to say that NavyDave has achieved his impressive post total partly by declaring how much he doesn't care about soccer. Often. :)

:rotflmao: :cheers:

p.s. no offense ND

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