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Comics: Meet the Artist

Berke Breathed

Cartoonist, "Opus"

Friday, November 21, 2003; 1:00 p.m ET

After a mysterious 10-year absence, America's favorite penguin is back. Pulitzer Prize-winnnig cartoonist Berkely Breathed brings "Opus" back to the comics pages on Sunday, Nov. 23. On Breathed's Web site, only this cryptic message explains the sudden and unexpected return: "We can't, at this time, go into detail as to what he's been doing during his mysterious missing decade, although Opus is deeply embarrassed about the rumors, especially the one naming him as the catalyst behind the unfortunate break-up of J Lo and Ben. It will all become clear soon."

Breathed will join Post Comics page editor Suzanne Tobin online Friday, Nov. 21 at 1 p.m. ET to discuss his new cartoon, his past cartoons ("Bloom County," "Outland"), and just where exactly Opus has been hiding.

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Originally posted by Kilmer17

I actually have the Billy and the Boingers single.

I wonder if it's worth anything?

Man, I forgot all about that. I think I may still have it packed away somewhere. Wasn't it square shaped & came in one of the books?

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