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Once again, I choose not to watch the game against the Panthers. But after flicking the channels and seeing us up by 4 in the 4th gave me hope. Then! KABOOM...WTF happen I thought Panthers 20 Redskins 17.

We need playmakers and young Hustlers and not wanna be Superstars. Shall I give names of players on this team that think their Pro-bowlers, but in all honesty are just marginal players that's been hyped up.

We need players that can changed a game and get his fellow players juiced up during the game to give their all.

Sorry, but Champs not one of them. Lavar and Smoot can and are playmakers. But Lavars not being used properly IMO. For the life of me I can't understand how teams like the Cowboys can have the #1 defense and the Texans can find ways to beat teams we cannot. I'm baffled in that section. If teams like the panthers, Patriots and Eagles can produce top tier defenses with their players, then we must be lagging somewhere other than the DL.

If the DL is the only thing keeping this defense from being top tier, than dammit we need to draft several of them next draft. But I'm wondering, is it just the DL that's getting our secondary burned from not getting pressure on the QB?

Champ Bailey vs. Fred Smoot! Who goes and who stays?

Draft day! if we let Champ go, do we draft another CB?

If not, can Smoot hold the fort down with another CB other than Champ?

If we draft a DL and let Champ go, will our secondary hold up better due to a better pass rush?

Is the DC Edwards the blame for the lousy Defense of play?

Or is it the same players making the same mistakes?

Regardless, we need to get rid of Edwards and start drafting some young play makers that hustle and can change the tone of games. It seems like every draft other teams find playmakers. For instance the Ed Reeds of the world and the list can go on. Why can't we find playmakers when we draft?

What is it gonna take? I've posted this list already, but maybe someone can help me out with some things below that's gonna help turn this franchise back to being respectable on the playing field.

1. Get more sterner with undicipline players regardless who they are.

2. Limit the circus of paying marginal players big dollars.

3. Make players earn their keep and salaries.

4. Stop giving wanna be pro-bowl players big heads when their not playing like pro-bowl players. (not going to say names) but we have them on the team.

5. Relieve Danny and his crew from making the GM decisions, it's not working.

6. Hire a real GM.

7. Draft adequately, no more forgetting about DL exist in the draft and you need a few.

8. No more quick fixes to fill one leak and several more pop up.

9. Keep your draft picks unless a deal is too good to pass up.

10. Give Spurrier 1 more year to prove he's made adjustments and the Fun 'n' Gun atleast look as it's gonna work. Cause right now it sucks.

11. Hire a legitimate disciplined coach that's not going to take any BS from players nor tolerate poor play and high school mistakes.

12. little Danny stay outta the way and forget about the fantasy football dream you had years ago , build from the draft.

13. Get rid of your side kick Cerrato....

14. Danny, open back up the doors to ex- Redskin players that had pride in being Redskin players and understand the Redskin tradition to help the younger players and current players.

15. Danny, listen to learn and learn to listen.

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Actually, I wanted to watch the team play. But unfortunately my Direct TV system is not hooked up yet and I have to drive to far to watch the game. Furthermore, by the time I would have gotten to the sports bar all the seats would've been taken and the Redskin game shown on the skeleton screen.

See, I live in Texas and the Redskins are not well liked round here, if ya know what I mean partner. But believe me I kept my eyes glued to the scores flashing across the screens during other games that kept me in touch.

As a matter fact, I'm working as I'm typing. That's just how much I love those Redskins my friend. But don't you ever question my love for the Burgundy and Gold, YA HEAR....


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