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1 Carolina (South Champions) 8-2

2 Seattle (West Champions) 7-3

3 Dallas (East Champions) 7-3

4 Minnesota (North Champions) 6-4

5 Philadelphia (Wild Card) 7-3

6 St. Louis (Wild Card) 7-3

New Orleans 5-5

Green Bay 5-5

San Francisco 4-5

Tampa Bay 4-6

N.Y. Giants 4-6

Washington 4-6

Luckily for us we play Dallas, Philly, New Orleans, and NY, also Chicago so that would bring our NFC record to 7-5 which would help us big time.

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There are no margins for error now. I think NO and Chicago are the only sure wins - and they're both still dangerous teams (see yesterday). Miami will be especially tough, because they need every win as much as we do.

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I think the best chance for both our teams is to win out and hope the Cowboys collapse.

The Rams schedule is too easy to think they are catchable. Green Bay and Minnesota don't matter because probably only one would go.

Seattle is probably not catchable. Their schedule will probably allow for 11 wins.

Philly, Carolina, Seattle, St. Louis, Minnesota or Green Bay are probably going to be five.

So, it seems that the Cowboys with their difficult schedule is the only possibility and I think that is remote.

Plus, either of our teams would have to run the table and we face each other which means one of our teams is automatically done.

In these scenarios, I take it week by week and am hopeful each week the Giants are still mathematically in it. Then they have those scenarios for each team of what has to happen for your team to get in. If I get to see those for the Giants in Week 16, I will be absolutely amazed.

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1 Carolina (South Champions) 8-2 --> flat

2 Seattle (West Champions) 7-3 --> soon to be falling

3 Dallas (East Champions) 7-3 --> flat

4 Minnesota (North Champions) 6-4 --> in free-fall

5 Philadelphia (Wild Card) 7-3 --> rising

6 St. Louis (Wild Card) 7-3 --> falling

New Orleans 5-5 --> rising

Green Bay 5-5 --> flat

San Francisco 4-5 --> bizarre

Tampa Bay 4-6 --> falling

N.Y. Giants 4-6 --> falling

Washington 4-6 --> ???

Carolina will win the South. The North is still in doubt.

We should root for a complete collapse by Dallas, St Louis, and San Francisco (no wild cards in the NFCW). Minnie will collapse. The Giants appear to have given up on the season. TB may not be a threat.

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