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Why This Year IS Different

Ignatius J.

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Too many posts have said that we've been rebuilding for the past decade, and that they are sick of dealing with it. That's all fine and dandy but there are some key things to consider.

1.) It is impossible to overstate this: Most of these guys have NOTHING to do with the medicrity we have seen for the past decade. It even predates snyder, so blaming them for losses before they got here is just dumb.

2.) We are young. We are so Young, and in all the wrong places, which really means that we are young in all the right places for the future. We're not losing with a savvy veteran team, we're losing with a team whose offense is averaging what 27 years old? You expect bad days, and even this day wasn't so bad.

3.) The thing I put the most stock in. You know what I hated? The fact that every week the redskins would light up opponents. More Yards. More completions. More first downs. but still, less points. Yesterday, we almost did that to another team. That is progress. That is different.

The team that showed up yesterday was a playoff caliber team. If this team had shown up the whole year, we'd be sitting in a whole lot sunnier spot right now, but we aren't.

We are what we are.


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I agree this wasn't a BAD loss if that is possible. On the road vs. a first-place team and we had SO MANY chances to win.

I would add to your list that this year is different because it's year two of three for a coach. We haven't had a coach going into his 3rd year here since 1996....I think we have some reason to get excited with the end of this season and next....

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and I wouldn't write this seaon off yet either!

Looking at the rest of the schedule, the ONLY team I see that we "should" loose to is the Eagles. THAT game is the last game of the season and who knows what that scenario will look like.

The potential to run the table is legit, at least up til the Eagles game and then............we would obviously be on a serious roll, the Eagles could have already clinched, blah, blah, blah.

Hey, .................................... it COULD happen.

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