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SWFL's Summer Camp: The official Twitter thread, RVA style, slip and slide included, boogers extra, Cheerleader=counselors


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Chris Russell @Russellmania621 3m3 minutes ago

Chris Russell Retweeted Tailgate Ted

#Redskins fans - Chief Zee being remembered today. The details below.

Chris Russell added,

Tailgate Ted @TailgateTed
#ChiefZee's service will be Wed at 1st Baptist Church of Glenarden 600 Watkins Park Dr. The Viewing will be from 9-11am & the Service 11-1pm


Starting today with a heavy heart. Saying Goodbye to Chief

Jay @RedskinsCult 21m21 minutes ago

Jay Retweeted Riyad Deeb

First TC practice open to the public, but privately, they have one today.

Jay added,

Riyad Deeb @Powerbarz22
@RedskinsCult thought its tomorrow

Chad Ryan @ChadwikoRCC 27m27 minutes ago

Although #Redskins Training Camp doesn't open until tomorrow, Coach Gruden will address media at 3pm today ahead of camp.

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washingtonpost​.com >> Redskins' Jordan Reed isn't a top-five tight end, at least not in 'Madden' read it in BRBN

John Keim ESPN Staff Writer 

The Redskins report to training camp in Richmond today. Coach Jay Gruden will hold a press conference at 3 p.m., but players won't be available until after Thursday morning's walk-through. A big topic for Gruden today: overcoming the loss of outside linebacker Junior Galette for a second consecutive season. Galette tore his right Achilles earlier this week and is out for the season.

JP Finlay @JPFinlayCSN 9m9 minutes ago

After Galette injury, should #Redskins switch Trent Murphy back to LB? http://buff.ly/2a6lWUB  #RedskinsTalk


Redskins Report @redskins_fanly 12m12 minutes ago

Redskins defensive position battle heats up #Skins http://app.fanly.me/article/r5yy1x5CXA 

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Wait, you think the Redskins offense *carried* Kirk Cousins? Nah. http://foxs.pt/2amtExV 


Rich Tandler @Rich_TandlerCSN 2m2 minutes ago

So I am getting the impression that gas is cheap everywhere but where I live.

Chris Russell @Russellmania621 5m5 minutes ago

Once again, for those wondering about veteran RB's or EDGE rushers, #Redskins & other teams care very much about avoiding guaranteed base $.


Chris Russell @Russellmania621 2m2 minutes ago

In addition, the #Redskins like all teams who believe strongly in the draft & developing young players want to give those guys reps.


Mike Jones @MikeJonesWaPo 6m6 minutes ago

Redskins players officially report for training camp today and have their conditioning tests, and at 3 PM we will hear from Jay Gruden.

Rich Tandler @Rich_TandlerCSN 10m10 minutes ago

If this #RedskinsTalk thing ever goes south apparently there is a lot of interest in #GasPriceTalk.

Around The NFL @AroundTheNFL 12m12 minutes ago


Washington Redskins @Redskins 13m13 minutes ago

.@NateSudfeld has been to Uganda twice to help build homes for orphans. 7 Things: http://redsk.in/29Vcbfx 


JP Finlay @JPFinlayCSN 21m21 minutes ago

Talking on @espn980 right now @AdamSchefter says Dwight Freeney makes more sense for #Redskins than Greg Hardy. #RedskinsTalk

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Dexter Manley had 97.5 quarterback sacks in his career. Impressive stat for Dex. #Redskins


Chris Russell Retweeted Breaking Burgundy

What do you think #Redskins fans??

Chris Russell added,

Breaking Burgundy @breakburgundy
On the eve of training camp, @Russellmania621 & @chucksapienza ponder how many Redskins make the Pro Bowl. http://foxs.pt/2avDnSM 

In 1988, Wilber Marshall became the first NFL free agent in 11 years to sign with another team. #Redskins

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First thing I thought as well, after reading about the newest signing. Hopefully it doesn't say anything about where they feel Doctson is, I believe he was supposed to be 100% for camp.

Think more positively.  You trade from the top, not the bottom.

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    1. Chris Russell Retweeted Breaking Burgundy

      What do you think #Redskins fans??

      Chris Russell added,

      Breaking Burgundy @breakburgundy
      On the eve of training camp, @Russellmania621 & @chucksapienza ponder how many Redskins make the Pro Bowl. http://foxs.pt/2avDnSM 
      michael phillips @michaelpRTD 24m24 minutes ago

      @Russellmania621 none. Can't play in the pro bowl if you make the super bowl.

I see hap is traveling to camp in style...lol funny stuff pjfootballer...

I will not be covering TC this year, house full of family visiting. 

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Today is REPORT DAY!


All players report to camp in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia. :)


We had two BIG thunderstorms pass through Richmond last night. One at 7pm and one at 11:00pm. Knocked out power to 20,000+ homes.


Richmond has a 40% chance of afternoon/evening thunderstorms everyday for the next 4 or 5 days, with possible severe ones tomorrow.


Make sure if you go to camp in the afternoon, you stay abreast of the weather info everyday.

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Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter 4m4 minutes ago

Wind and lightning wrecked Redskins' practice goalposts this week. No FGs today. New goalposts for camp later this week are probable.


Anthony Gulizia @AnthonyGulizia 17m17 minutes ago

#Redskins report to training camp today. Coach Jay Gruden will speak at 3 p.m. The mayor of Richmond, @michaelpRTD, is also speaking.


michael phillips @michaelpRTD 15m15 minutes ago

@AnthonyGulizia it's actually just a continuation of last year's farewell presser. i've been standing up here talking the whole time.


Zac Boyer @ZacBoyer 7m7 minutes ago Wandsworth, London

@michaelpRTD @AnthonyGulizia First time a Richmond mayor made it to a press conference.

LizzLocker @Lizzs_Lockeroom 55s56 seconds ago

At 5pm everyone dies..... (oldie but goodie) #ItsHot LOL



One #Eagles LB could be in trouble after beating someone up over an umbrella (really): http://www.profootballrumors.com/2016/07/eagles-lb-nigel-bradham-arrested-on-assault-charge 

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Washington Redskins @Redskins 19m19 minutes ago Richmond, VA

A look at some of the damage to the Bon Secours Washington #Redskins Training Center caused by last night's storm.


michael phillips @michaelpRTD 24s25 seconds ago

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  2. Rich Tandler Retweeted Washington Redskins

    You think that Hopkins can kick it through the triangle there?

    Rich Tandler added,

    Washington Redskins @Redskins
    A look at some of the damage to the Bon Secours Washington #Redskins Training Center caused by last night's storm.
    1 retweet 4 likes

Anthony Raposa @AnthonyRaposa 10m10 minutes ago

Anthony Raposa Retweeted Taylor Vippolis

Anthony Raposa added,

Taylor Vippolis @tvippolis
Former Tar Heel Wide Receiver T.J. Thorpe has signed with the Washigton Redskins. Played at UVA last year.
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John Keim @john_keim 14m14 minutes ago

Minus Junior Galette, Redskins seek multiple ways to bolster pass rush  Read it in BRBN ESPN

Mitch Carr @mitchcarrtv 1m1 minute ago

And just like that a new goal post is up at @Redskins Training Center #RedskinsInRVA @8NEWS


Jeff Darlington @JeffDarlington 2m2 minutes ago

Eagles LB Nigel Bradham (involved in Miami Beach incident) will indeed report to camp today and practice tomorrow, coach Doug Pederson says.

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After Galette injury, make sense for #Redskins to switch Murphy back to LB? #RedskinsTalk http://buff.ly/2akpwxN 


Debra Alfarone @DebraAlfarone 4s5 seconds ago

#Redskins memorabilia everywhere at #ChiefZee's funeral @wusa9


Burgundy Blog @BurgundyBlog 8m8 minutes ago

Here's why #Redskins won't turn Murphy back into an OLB: though a decent edge-setter, he just doesn't have a future there. Not impactful.

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  1. Cousins: "...The franchise tag showed that I am wanted. Now maybe not beyond this year. But for this year I am wanted."

Anthony Raposa @AnthonyRaposa 14m14 minutes ago

Kirk Cousins was asked on @1067theFan if he ever came close to a LTD with the #Redskins: "I don't think we ever really did."


Mike Jones @MikeJonesWaPo 3m3 minutes ago

Rolling through King George, where they have replaced that golden statue of @granthpaulsen with an amazing shrine. 1f633.png

Not Robert Griffin @Pseudo_RGIII 47m47 minutes ago

Let's get down to some important Redskins news, what did Breeland name his pups?

Dan Synder @MrDCsportsSr 11m11 minutes ago

Announcers in the Panthers game "Kirk Cousins is a completely different QB when he's not under pressure" Another area I want him to improve

HogsHaven.com @HogsHaven 4m4 minutes ago

Redskins reportedly sign two more wide receivers

Redskins Report @redskins_fanly 49s49 seconds ago

Santana Moss pays final respects to Chief Zee #HTTR http://app.fanly.me/article/Cc4PnkLpoa 


Remember now that the offseason has ended, its time to check BRBN frequently.  Not all articles are on twitter.

CSN Redskins @CSNRedskins 18s19 seconds ago

That bouquet of flowers next to Chief Zee's casket? It's from Santana Moss: http://ow.ly/7zqA302EZ9k  #RedskinsTalk

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