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The experience factor?


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A lot of people are down on Ramsey right now including myself, but his problems can be fixed with time and yes experience. The fact is he is not Brett Farve but can devolop into his own player touch may come with time (god I hope it does) Today reminded me of the giants or philly game(excuse me I remember the play but due to my friend Corona I cant remeber witch game) where Pat Overthrew a wide open Coles in the endzone send it to O.T. Another thing that bothers me is he holds on to the ball way to long today the Oline played very well against a GREAT defense. Last but not least Ramsey can not pick up a blitz if his life depended on it tonight in the N.E. game Joe Theisman said it best after Tom Brady beat the blitz and Newman got shook out of his shoes a good Q.B. cant wait for the blitz. I think Ramsey will become great in time he is going to have growing pains but todays game was not a blower. Our defense played good and there were no penalties except for and irelavant holding call on dockery. Another thing I liked today is that we had some what of a glimpse of a pass rush.

DAN DONT FIRE ANYBODY OR OVERHAUL THE ROSTER AGAIN PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This team needs to build character and get to know eachother and that takes more than one damn training camp and half a year. Pat will get better as will the rest of the team give it time today we proved we can play with the best of them at least in the NFC next year with more continutiy it should be a good year this year I hope for 8-8.

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