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Here is why we lost the game


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Terrell has played pretty good as the nickel, I can't fault him too much for that. there were several plays on both sides where a fan could say "if only...."

The only play that truly had the outcome hinged on it was the fumble/TD call by the refs at the end, because it put 7 points on the board for Carolina (after the PAT) with a minute left in the game.

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Bottom line: We got, what, 4 turnovers (or was it 3)? ....out of those turnovers, how many points did we get? Good teams capitalize on turnovers....the Skins didn't. The defense played well, the offense played approximately ONE quarter of football (total). Don't blame the ref, don't blame Terrell....the Skins had a firm grasp on who could dictate the way the game went...they didn't.

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Originally posted by jbooma

Because David Terrel can't catch a ball in his Fing HANDS!!!:hammer:

If he caught that INT we would have kicked a fg or scored a td or just ran out the clock and we woudn't have to worry about the 4 and 1 or the non TD by Davis.

I think we need to put Champ right there with him... Champ dropped one that hit him in the hands....

I wish we would have won and thought we would... until or D looked like a Mike Nolan run D.

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There is enough blame to go around for everybody.

4 turnovers - 3 points

Going away from the hot runner (Rock)for half of the game.

Ramsey being off for the first game of the year. he was probably bewildered by the fact that he had time to throw for a change without getting plowed.

Again, more pass plays than running plays

Sticking with Canidate even though he was averaging 1. something per carry.

Rod Gardner must have worn himself out celebrating that first down last week because evidently he didn' t have the energy to get open this week. And when he did, he dropped balls.

Samuels................need I say anymore

The defensive collapse at the end of the game.

Like I said, plenty to go around, unfortunately.

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