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No Excuses

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29 minutes ago, nonniey said:

My understanding of the definition of a hard Brexit  was that it was a No Deal Brexit (Pretty sure that is how it was used last fall).  Since we were both responding to Greatbuzz I'd be interested in what he was actually asking.

I was looking for news in general so you both helpful.  But yea, when I said hard Brexit I meant a no-deal Brexit at the end of the month.

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I would define a soft Brexit as any agreement where the UK remains within the customs union and/or single market. Striking a trade deal isn't a soft Brexit, its just a trade agreement like the EU makes with many other countries.  


At this point I find a soft Brexit extremely unlikely.   This is a transition period whose purpose is to buy time to hammer out a trade deal. 

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Maybe the UK wants to join the US.  I mean they're hosting American football games,  and now baseball games, leaving the EU, marrying American women, electing old white fat reddish white haired blowhards to lead the government ... 

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15 minutes ago, Corcaigh said:

@nonniey - it’s a joke, making fun of the English (that their version of the language is being replaced) and the Irish (that their way of speaking is so odd at times)

Thanks usually I catch those type of jokes but lately a combination of my deteriorating mental faculties (ie getting older) and people seriously proposing insane crap has knocked me off my stride.

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The EU will tell Britain to give back the ancient Parthenon Marbles, taken from Greece over 200 years ago, if it wants a post-Brexit trade deal


The European Union will demand that Britain gives a collection of ancient marble sculptures back to Greece as part of a post-Brexit trade deal.


Greece has long argued that the Parthenon Marbles — also called the Elgin Marbles — were unlawfully removed from the Parthenon temple in Athens in the early 19th century by the British diplomat Lord Elgin.


The marbles — considered among the great works of ancient civilization — are displayed at the British Museum in London in a wing custom-built to accommodate them.


The museum told the newspaper The Times of London that the classical Greek structures were taken from the Parthenon temple lawfully and were "accessible to the 6 million global visitors the museum receives each year."


The Times, however, reported that the EU's draft negotiating guidelines for a trade deal with the UK included a commitment to the "return or restitution of unlawfully removed cultural objects to their country of origin."


Brussels included this clause at Greece's request.


"It is a measure of how Brexit has changed the game that the Greeks feel able to use the trade talks to pursue the Elgin Marbles," an ambassador involved in trade talks with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government told the newspaper.


A Downing Street source told the newspaper The Sun that the marbles were "going nowhere."


"This shows a troubling lack of seriousness about the negotiations on the EU side," the person added.


Click on the link for the full article

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3 hours ago, No Excuses said:

Like 80% of the British Museum is stolen **** from the colonial era.


That's true of a lot of museums. We've booked several private tours with an archaeologist in Naples who is furious at the Italian government because they keep repatriating items that are their cultural heritage from foreign museums, but because it's Italy and there's so much heritage people trip over it and they can't even finish s subway line, combined with poor funding, they end up tossing the stuff in a basement somewhere. Her position is that they should leave the items out on loan, for a fee, which would keep them preserved and raise money for other preservation work. Apparently it's a matter of national pride or something, though.


This case is different. The Greeks have a recently built museum with a spot ready to go for the marbles, right under the Parthenon.

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