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The Brexit Thread

No Excuses

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8 hours ago, TheGreatBuzz said:

Don't wanna come here.



So this makes a no-deal Brexit more likely, correct?

Our general populous is as bat **** crazy as yours. 

I’m thinking Canada. Who seem the only sane ones left.


It gives the racist, bigoted, xenophobic,  misogynistic, lunatic (I know. Hard to tell if that’s describing Trump or Boris right?) the massive majority he needs to basically pass through his F up deal through Parliament,  then have all the time he wants to drag this on and on as trade negotiations ensue. 

Brexit has underpinned this whole election and the ill-informed majority of the general British public, and their insular, F up fears and irrational hatred of foreigners have played right into the ****houses hands. Whilst Corbyn, who’s polices and principles were sound, attacked his campaign totally wrong and left those mad btards desperate to get out, whatever their politics, with the option they craved. 

Another decade of Tory rule destroying everything for the working class. Whilst the Union gets decimated and we say goodbye to the biggest single trade market in the World. 

**** my, and everyone else’s life. 


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9 hours ago, TheGreatBuzz said:

Don't wanna come here.



So this makes a no-deal Brexit more likely, correct?


There's enough centrist Tories that don't want no-deal for that to be a possibility.




Johnson has apparently secured a deal with Juncker, at least, and plans to bring it to Parliament soon.




Major difference between this deal and Teresa May's is the Irish border.  The major hangup was the whole Irish "backstop" 



The main differences are to be found on issues concerning the island of Ireland.

The deal that May agreed envisaged — in the event talks on a future trade deal failed to avoid a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland — the introduction of a backstop or fall-back position.

In the absence of a free trade deal or alternative solution, that would have seen the UK remain in the EU's customs union, and Northern Ireland would follow some of the bloc's single market rules.

But Johnson's wing of the Conservative Party opposed the backstop on the grounds it could keep the UK in the EU for years to come.

No north—south border, but what about the Irish Sea?

This latest deal sees Northern Ireland leave the EU's customs union, but remain partially aligned to the single market.

However, it will remain in the UK's customs territory and follow EU procedures for goods arriving into the country.

There will be no customs checks on the island of Ireland - they will be done in ports.

For goods crossing from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, that are deemed to be staying there, no EU tariff will apply.


Problem I see his how do they enforce this.  Maybe they don't care.

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2 hours ago, DCSaints_fan said:

..... Problem I see his how do they enforce this.  Maybe they don't care.

They don’t care. This is the most right wing shower we’ve ever had.


For those of us that suffered under that absolute biatch Thatcher and Tebbit the ‘70’s/‘80’s/‘90’s, we ain’t seen NOTHING yet. 


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Because of Brexit it's hard to make comparisons between UK/US but the divide between liberal/left is getting worse, and I'm increasingly worried that the two sides of the Democratic party want to destroy each other more than they want to beat Trump.


Seems like similar sentiments in the UK - working class areas voting Republican/Tory for cultural reasons, mainly anti-immigration. 

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What I find amusing is the wringing of hands by many of you Dems over the Tory victory. When in actual effect the Dems are closer to Tory beliefs/policies/positions than they are to Labour.  In fact the Dems would be to the right of the British Conservative party if they transplanted themselves to Britain.  

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