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Can we talk about how the Brits have much cooler scandal names than ours?


Everything here is a "-gate."  Meanwhile they got "Windrush"?


So much cooler.

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7 hours ago, FanboyOf91 said:


Listen, Boris and Nigel shorted a whole buncha stocks for the original October date and damn it, they are not waiting any longer for their windfall.

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57 minutes ago, TheGreatBuzz said:

Does anyone understand the last 50 tweets And what they mean?


There is a lot going on here but this is the summary:


1. The new PM tried to bully through a no-deal Brexit after lying that he’s seeking a deal with the EU.


2. Members of his own party threatened that they will rebel and block no-deal Brexit.


3. Rather than negotiating, he threatened that any Tory MP that attempts to block a no-deal Brexit will be kicked out of the party.


4. A small but sizeable majority of Tory MP’s joined opposition left wing parties and voted for the Commons (lower house) to take control of the legislative agenda. The Prime Minister is usually the one who gets to set the agenda, so this essentially strips his powers. They did this so legislation blocking no-deal Brexit can be passed.


5. Every Tory rebel will now be kicked out of the party. This is I think around 21.


6. Johnson is going to call a new election in hopes that he has a larger majority (right now he doesn’t have a governing majority) and newly elected MP’s will back his agenda of Brexit with or without a deal by October 31st.

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