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BNO: Shooting during Christina Grimmie show at Plaza Live in Orlando


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UPDATE: Orlando Police confirm suspect dead, Christina Grimmie in critical condition.


A shooting has taken place at The Plaza Live theater in Orlando where "The Voice" singer Christina Grimmie was performing along with the band "Before You Exit." There are reports of injuries possibly involving one of the performers.

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Violent people make the world so much worse than it needs to be.  I hope that one day we find a way to find them before they strike and fix whatever is broken inside them before they harm others.  I hope the young lady makes it out of this ok and that her brother's heroic actions are rewarded with a cheerfully living sister. 

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I watched her on the voice back when she was on that. Recall hearing about her on YouTube back before that, though I never watched any of her videos. She seemed like a nice person though. Damn. What a stupid selfish thing for this guy to do. Depressing.

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Holy **** - what a ****ed up world we live in. As a country, we love to look down on other regions and think that we have our **** together, but we have some enormous issues ourselves. I still cannot comprehend the fascination with guns shared by a faction of this country. 


Thoughts and prayers to the parents, friends, and family of this young girl. As a father of two, I don't really know how I'd find the strength to keep moving forward if this happened to one of my children...especially as they were just out realizing their dreams. 

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'Voice' singer Christina Grimmie dies after shooting at Orlando concert


Hours before what would be her last concert, singer Christina Grimmie jovially invited fans to see her show in central Florida in a video that she posted on social media on Friday afternoon.


Not long after, the former star of NBC's "The Voice" would be dead -- shot by a man who walked up to her after the performance in Orlando, police said.


The man who shot and killed singer Christina Grimmie in Orlando on Friday night was not from that central Florida city, and "traveled to Orlando apparently to commit this crime," Orlando Police Chief John Mina told reporters Saturday.


The gunman -- who authorities say fatally shot himself after shooting Grimmie -- was a 21-year-old white man, and had two handguns, two additional loaded magazines and a large hunting knife, Mina said.


Mina, who did not name the gunman, said investigators were going through the man's computer, phone and other belongings to see if they can find information about a motive.


The armed man approached the 22-year-old singer as she was signing autographs late Friday night and opened fire, Orlando police spokeswoman Wanda Miglio said.

The gunman fatally shot himself after Grimmie's brother tackled him, according to authorities.

Security measures are in place at The Plaza Live, police say, but there are no metal detectors and people are not patted down.


"As far as security, The Plaza does have security guards who wear polo shirts, they are unarmed," Mina said. "They do check bags and purses as people enter."



Watch Christina Grimmie's Final Performance Just Moments Before She Was Shot and Killed After Her Concert


New video of Voice alum Christina Grimmie's final performance has been released, showing a young talent taken far too soon.


Grimmie, who came in third on the NBC singing competition' sixth season, was fatally shot on Friday evening after performing at The Plaza Live in Orlando, Florida.


The 21-year-old singer had just opened for the band Before You Exit. Witnesses say she was signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans when an unnamed gunman shot the singer. The killer was then wrestled to the ground by Grimmie's brother, Mark, and took his own life.








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Haven't seen anything with a motive but I'm wondering if it's a situation with a fan obsession gone wrong like with Dimebag Darrell.

Yeah I was just watching something about the Rebecca Schaeffer murder back in '91 after that Japanese singer got stabbed

Dimebag Darrell, Schaeffer, John Lennon, Selena, there are some ****ed people out there.

Anyway RIP. 22 years old is an absolute tragedy.

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'Voice' singer Christina Grimmie's shooting death was planned



Christina Grimmie shooter had no known connection to singer, police say

OPD can confirm 27 year old Kevin James Loibl, suspect who shot Christina Grimmie, is from St Petersburg, FL
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I read about this earlier today, makes no sense whatsoever, so sad for her family and loved ones and from all accounts a very nice person loosing their life senselessly.  Glad that her murderer no longer breathing the same air as us, hope he enjoys his stay in hell.

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I read about this earlier today, makes no sense whatsoever, so sad for her family and loved ones and from all accounts a very nice person loosing their life senselessly. Glad that her murderer no longer breathing the same air as us, hope he enjoys his stay in hell.

Maybe it's just me but I don't like it when these assholes die in the act. I much prefer they survive to face up to their crimes. Also feels like it cheats the rest of us--especially the families--out of real closure.

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