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How about them Bengals


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I love it when I'm correct on a prediction. Although I did say 23-17 Cinci, but it was still close enough to give me the props. Marvin Lewis was the guy I wanted a long time ago, but now he's in Cinci. Lewis is a football genius, we got a college football genius, that has only won one championship...

Why did people say he was a genius when Woefull is the only QB for Spurrier to when a National Championship...

Anyway, off of that frustration. Great job Cinci.

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Originally posted by codeorama

Not to take anything away from what Lewis has done, but that division sucks. No team has a winning record.

Big deal Code.

The Bengals just beat the Chiefs.

I have to say it again so I beleive it.

The Bengals just beat the Chiefs.

The Bengals are just now finding their stride and look like a team that will finish 9-7 or so. If that happens, and they make the playoffs in any way, ML should be coach of the Year. I could see Parcells winning it too, but my vote would be Lewis.

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