Premise comes from this article on front page of Washington Post:   I used to live in NOVA until about 8 years ago.  I'm scratching my head with how we got the money to build the Silver Line and then allowed the rest of the tracks to get this bad.  Were they planning to add that and the Purple Line to help gain more revenue for the rest of the network?   Down here we added tolls in Hampton Roads to help pay for some of our tunnel infrastructure (currently building a new one with additional extension straight to the Interstate).  I would say news like needed Metro repairs and the effect what will have on traffic that's already bad actually would play a factor in me trying to move up there, same with DC trying to get more control of its budget by becoming a state.    Living in Portsmouth, it's killing me where the tolls are (three primary routes in and out the city because of a river).  The rumor that we will be adding to the other Interstate bridges/tunnels between north and south side Hampton Roads (one of which, I-64 is likely the primary route for tourists to Virginia Beach). I began to ease down a little.  If tolls are placed more in a way that I feel is fair in terms of shared burden to people living there, commuting there, and vacationing there, I can live with it.   For those still living in this area, would you support something like this and how would you do it?    If I was still up there, I would prefer the majority, if possible all of it given to Metro, that way we'd know it's shared evenly among the rail and bus systems across DC, Maryland, and Virginia, as there are issues all over the network.  Just an idea, so try to be civil about it.  I feel it is a legitimate question at this point