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Report: Jason Hatcher To Retire

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So, how does this effect the cap? I remember he had $3-4M dead cap hit if he was cut... and we cut him. But, now that he retired, are we off the hook?



Unfortunately, no. Had he retired before we released him we would not have had to pay him. So there was no reason for him to retire sooner and leave $4M on the table. I can't blame him honestly. There is no way I would leave $4M on the table out of the kindness of my heart like that. He has the rest of his life and his family to think of.


Some are saying that Scot made a mistake here. But they do not understand the process at all. Hatcher was not retiring before that money was his even if he just rode pine all year. Plus other players will see that Scot and the team now will not make roster decisions just to save a few $s (in relative terms). It was a bad contract. Best thing is to bite the bullet and move on.

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