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How many rushing yards will Rock get Sunday?


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Just thought I'd counter all the gloom-and-doom concerning Stephen vs. our D, by creating some positive vibes.

(OK, maybe grasping at straws.)

I'm saying 75, because I forsee

  • (Whoever) not giving him the ball as often as I'd like.
  • All the running both teams are going to be doing results in a clock-chewing game, with fewer posessions for each team.

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Really depends on who plays and who doesn't. If Johnson can't play Rock will most likely only get a few carries. If Johnson does play then Rock's carries will depend on how healthy Trung and Morton are and if they are productive. I'm going with 50 yards with my thinking being that Johnson will play and Trung and Cartwright will split carries.

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The Redskins got to Seattle by doing things uncharacteristic of what the Seahawks saw on film.

Expect to see the Skins do that again this week.

I see Cartwright and Canidate being very active in the passing game as Jackson/Spurrier will have the team throw short and quick to stunt the rush of the Panthers.

If the Redskins are able to run in this game, it will be in the second half if they can get a lead and make the Panthers D stay out on the field and wear down.

I don't think you can just come out and go off tackle against this defense and make yards.

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