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Robert Griffin III Signs With Cleveland Browns

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I wish him no ill will really. Now we can just close the book on this saga and move on.


Wow, though. 2 years; $15M with $6.75M guaranteed. Maybe it's the market. Chase Daniels got $7M @ year for 3 years. Older vets are getting $3 to $4 million @ year. Only 4 FA quarterbacks are 26 or under; Osweiler, Lindley, Manziel & Robert. And Griffin has more experience than the other 3 combined while neither Lindley or Manziel are signed.


Well, Cleveland has a big bucket of money to spend. Good for Robert because that's way more coin than I'd thought he see this year. So he'll send McCown packing but still doubtful he starts this year - however it is the Browns...


Until the Browns make their annual poor draft pick at QB, looks like battle for #1 is between RGIII and Austin Davis. Davis did OK with the Rams in a limited sampling (not sure about the Browns but no Cleveland QB should have those stats count against him anyway :wacko: ). Connor Shaw is the only one of their 4 QB's that they have drafted.


They still haven't actually released McCown but both Josh & Robert are about the same salary and McCown saves $3M in cap if cut. Robert has more dead money than cap hit so he's staying.












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