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Chess on ESPN2


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Haven't played myself in a while. It is actually an interesting show with announcers that simplify it for those that aren't the most keen to chess. Kasparov is apparently playing the biggest game of his life, vs a machine. His last biggest game? In 1997, vs another cpu, in which he lost and has been embarrassed by it since.

Anyhow, the game moves along at about 3-4 minutes per turn, and Kasparov is playing really aggressively right now. It's a best of 3 thing I believe - the first being a draw.

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The computer.

Kasparov made a huge blunder in the end. If you go to the Fritz X3D website, it shows the whole game.

Anyhow, I find it interesting and disturbing that the computer is beating the smartest human chess player in the world.

Before long, machines just aren't going to need us humans anymore.

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Cue in Matrix theme music.

Actually, I think it's a great credit to the programmers of the machine that they could create an algorithm for chess strategy. I believe it's been proven that chess is a "solvable" game (White always wins), but the solution would be too large for any foreseeable computer to contain.

The computer has provided the calculating power; the programmers made the strategy. It's a triumph of human ingenuity taken step-by-step over human ad hoc creativity, in my view--not machine over human.

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