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All Things Star Wars Thread


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To the first point, Star Wars fans have held out hope for Boba Fett swinging back into action since Episode 6, 30+ years ago. Boba Fett was all about cool. I think most fans would be okay with Han showing up one more time. Imagine if during the climax of VIII or IX, Slave I just shows up with Boba and Han to save the day.

I'm pretty sure most fans would cease to care about the story, at least long enough to change their pants.

And yeah, I mean, Han *should* be dead. All indications are he's dead. But again, shove $30M into Ford's face and then have a writer just crazy enough to do it, and who knows. So yeah, Han should be out of the picture. I'd prefer it that way. I also wouldn't be surprised if he popped up somewhere in episode VIII or IX.

Yeah...never heard any fans pining for Boba Fett coming back. Never read that anywhere. Where did you hear that from?

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Boba Fett is the most overrated movie character in the history of existence. I could stomach Han coming back with a robot body and his human head more than Boba coming back. If he returns, I'm out.


This is the absolute truth.  I wouldn't go as far to say that I'd be out, but he is completely overrated.  He dies like a ****, too.  There's nothing badass about him.

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Plus he outsmarted Han Solo...and had the coolest voice, pre-Lucasing the OT.


Yeah, just finding Han wasn't going to be enough. I don't understand why he didn't just shoot Han in the back.  He had to sit at the table with him and talk **** first, which gave Han the chance to blast him (first right!!).  Guess it wouldn't have been much of a movie if a main character responsible for flying Luke off the planet had died in a bar scene during the first half hour.

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Got my copy of The Force Awakens. They don't waste no time putting a movie on blu-ray now a days. I still remember back in the day when it took years before a movie came to home video and premiered on TV after its theatrical run.

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