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All Things Star Wars Thread

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7 hours ago, PokerPacker said:

aren't millenials born in the 80s and 90s?

the joke relates to the new millennium not the generation we labeled as millennials 

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3 hours ago, Fergasun said:

Nothing in here in "The Bad Batch" yet? 




Omega is a galactic treasure that must be protected at all costs.


Damn you, Crosshair. You and your programming!


Wrecker is the most fun out of all of them.


Was fun to see the Order 66 command and how it worked with troopers on the field. It's like they totally all lost their personalities and became robots versus sentient beings.


That AC Medical Droid is the same one that helped Fives in Clone Wars.


I hope Rex shows up at some point in this... and maybe Ahsoka and explain her background heading into Rebels. 


And of course I'm hoping we see a little of Anakin and Obi Wan as well. 


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Filoni has another hit with the Bad Batch. Very well done--I thought it would be a Clone Wars rehash, but it's a great story, with fun characters. Nice cameo in the initial episode too.

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