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VX: 14 hard truths on Syria no one wants to admit


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14 hard truths on Syria no one wants to admit

1) There is no magical, low-cost solution for Syria
2) Every candidate is basically proposing to maintain Obama's Syria policy
3) There is no secret Sunni army coming to save the day
4) Peace talks are almost certainly doomed
5) The war is stuck in a stalemate, and there's no obvious way to change that
6) There was maybe a window for intervening in Syria, but it's closed
7) Terrorism is a fact of life. It can be mitigated but not solved.
8) A no-fly zone will not end Syria's war and risks making things worse
9) Assad has to go, but toppling him by force will make things worse
10) Any viable peace deal will probably let Assad stay on in some capacity
11) The Kurds are great, but they are not a solution
12) American allies are escalating the conflict
13) Russia and Iran have a say in what happens in Syria, whether we like it or not
14) Vladimir Putin is not a chess master genius whose defeat will bring peace

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