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More Excited Than In A Very Long Time!


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I am still so very pleased with this season, how much was accomplished and how optimistic I feel now.  I know most of you were sky high throughout 2012 but I never bought in because I felt for sure what they were doing was unsustainable and I foresaw the sad, predictable end.


The last time I really felt bullish about the Skins was during Marty's surge.  Maybe some of you younger guys don't even remember the Skins hiring Marty Schottenheimer.  He got hired in 2001 and lost his first 5 games but won 8 of his last 11 to finish 8-8.   Well coached teams improve as a season progresses and Marty's team grew and improved as it went before finishing strong 8-3 in the last 11 games.   


I thought Marty was going to restore this once proud franchise.  Then Snyder fired Marty.  I felt gut punched and became so pissed at Snyder in the following years I wasn't even excited when he brought back Gibbs because I was certain Snyder would mess it up even with Gibbs.


Years later, too many years later, I am truly excited again.  I liked the Gruden hire, was intrigued  when he hired Scot McCloughan and impressed with Scot’s meat and potatoes approach to the free agency and draft.  Gruden's retreat on conducting a QB competition in 2015 was disappointing  but he found his backbone and named Cousins the starter.  I thought great, Gruden was going all in and to win in 2015.


I became a Cousins booster after his Browns game in 2012.  His 2013 and 2014 performances while frustrating and maddening at times still looked promising to me because his problems looked correctable.  Kirk always looked to me to be a guy with a lot of potential and fixable problems.  That said Cousins exceeded my fondest hopes down the stretch in 2015.


Now I think the Skins may have the strong GM, HC, QB and smart ownership that are at the core of strong franchises and we are looking at the beginning of a something really good that could last a long time.  Yes, I said smart ownership which is still a hope without conviction.


I hope all the losing including the Griffin fiasco taught Snyder to let football people run things.  Snyder pushed one last time to realize his dreams for Griffin but gave way to his coach and GM and watched Cousins soar.  I was happy but Snyder must have been ecstatic watching Cousins charge forward in November and December.   Is it too much to hope this turn of fortunes after so many of his induced failures will teach Snyder to let his GM and HC run the team?


I know some of you guys are not sold on Gruden but Jay showed a lot of backbone with the Cousins decision so I think Gruden has the respect of his improving team.  Scot will need to get Jay more talent but I think Gruden is going to take the Skins to the Super Bowl within 5 or 6 years.  I even think Snyder will stick to branding, advertising revenue, plotting how to get a new stadium and leave the football operations to Scot and Jay.   Like I said I am excited again!   

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Since the glory years, this team has a tendency to throw out a dog bone or two. With SM it appears that we are heading in the right direction. Win, lose or tie the Skins will always be my team.


Well put, a bone or two.   Like I said after Marty got canned I never really climbed on the bandwagon and got excited.  Post Marty it always felt like a quick fix or even when Snyder brought back Gibbs I couldn't believe in because i didn't trust Snyder.  It feels a lot different to me now, I'm excited!

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