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I lost a good friend today


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I haven't really been around a whole lot lately, lots of real life stuff going on. One kid who's 15 months and another on the way. Looking to sell my house, trying to buy another. Working 10+ hours a day in a very hectic environment while we are renovating at work.

That's beside the point, anyhow.

I've had this friend for years. Hell, it's probably coming up on a decade. I haven't always been the closest with him but we've always been pretty cool. Sometimes we hung out a lot, sometimes (like lately) we haven't had much time with each other. Like I said I've been busy. Further, this friend was so damn cool that he was pretty much the only link that I had to many other friends. I've met so many cool people in the last 10 years thanks to this friend. He was the facilitator.

Today, I went to check in on him like I do frequently. Even if we don't hang out all the time, I still like to make sure he's doing alright. Well, he was dead. Just like that. One day, everything's ok and the next he's gone. **** man. I don't know what to do with myself.

I want to blame my two other friends for this. They were hanging around with him a bunch in the end, I feel like they pushed him to it. Who knows, I was just the guy who wasn't available when he needed me the most.

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