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Official Injury status on S. Davis

Peppers Powa

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Thanks... we usually paste the pertinent info so people dont have to go clicking on links all the time.

From the Foxhole: Davis probable

November 12, 2003


Comments from Carolina Panthers Head Coach John Fox following the team's practice.

On injuries: Stephen Davis is listed as probable, along with Jason Kyle and Mike Rucker. Those are the only three guys on the injury report.

On the possibility of Davis playing versus Washington: It will be real nice (to get him back). We are not there yet. Obviously, he has done a lot for us in the run game and is somebody that I think we are a better team when we have him.

On how badly Davis wants to play against the Redskins: Stephen always wants to play. He wanted to play last week. We have got to use good judgment. We have medical people that evaluate the injuries and we are going to do what is in the best interest of him and us long term.

On the substitution pattern at running back with Stephen Davis and DeShaun Foster: There is really no designated plan. It is not like we are going to go with a different guy on the second series. We run the starters until they get tired, and the next guy goes in. They get tired at points, especially after long runs. Maybe after a sustained drive. Six or seven plays into a drive, guys gasp a little bit. We just do our best to keep them fresh and we have confidence in all of them.

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I read some place this simple formula about NFL injury status:

Probable - 25% chacce they won't play

Qusetionable - 50% they won't play

Doubtful - 75% chance they won't play

Since Davis is probable, I'm betting he will play

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