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Poor taste or inside info?


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Didn't know where to post this, so I figured I'd start a thread which could lead to various discussions.

Rglll's uncle and aunt decided to show up at our game yesterday dressed in Dallas jerseys dawning their beloved nephew's name! Extremely poor taste imo, and I don't care how they feel about robert's current situation. He's still a Redskin right now and he had the job of the starting qb, but he blew it and has nobody to blame but himself.

The other obvious question is whether it's wishful thinking, a hint of inside knowledge or simply trying to let the Cowpukes know Robert is interested?


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This rumor still has legs apparently. Maybe we should keep this thread up so we can squash it?

I bit on this rumor when it was first reported too, but I should have known better. It appears this was not RG3's family, which actually makes a lot more sense if you consider what a model citizen RG3 has been this season.

Anyway I hope RG3 doesn't end up in Dallas, but I think they'll consider it. He's a Texas native and Jerry Jones likes him.

I'd like to see him in Cleveland, my dad's team, so I could still cheer for him. After what he did for us in 2012 and what it cost him to do it, I wish him the best.

If I were him, then I'd want to go somewhere where I could get that read option working again, wherever that may be.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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