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Assorted Militia/SovCit news,(formerly Bundy thread)


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23 minutes ago, CobraCommander said:

My brother in law almost had something like this happen to him. He had a gun in the car and told the officer at his driver window. The rookie at the passenger window saw the gun and started yelling the same thing. GUN, GUN, GUN! The senior officer had to calm him down and get the rookie to holster his weapon. Scarred the **** out of my BIL. 

Decades ago, friend got pulled over. He opened the glove box to get his paperwork, and the magazine from his pistol fell onto the seat. 

Officer took a step back, put his hand on his pistol, and said "Sir, would you please step out of the car."


Friend began to explain that he caries the magazine in the glove box, but the gun is in the trunk. (Unloaded). 

Before he gets the first sentence out, cop unsnaps the strap on his pistol, and says "Sir, would you please step out of the car."  

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Sovereign Citizen huh?
Well, he's an invader then.

The fun part is in all of his fantasies he dreamed of that day. And in all of them it ended totally different.
Oh well. 


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It’s not smart to be difficult with the police when you have a gun. 

If you think otherwise, well, good luck with that. 

Also second officers perspective shows his gun jamming and while he seemed to handle it perfectly fine, he clearly missed the cease fire call dealing with it and squeezes one off at the end 

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Sovereign Citizens Turn on Each Other Over $200K Fake License Plates


Members of the far right sovereign citizen movement are best known for their clashes with law enforcement. In traffic stops and courtrooms across the country, sovereign citizens have tried—and failed—to implement their bizarre homemade legal theories when faced with the enforcement of legitimate laws.


But now two prominent branches of the movement have turned on one another, feuding over a lucrative scheme to sell fake license plates for a nonexistent “Republic of Texas.”


The feud pits the citizens of a fictitious entity called the “Republic of Texas” against David Straight, a so-called sovereign-citizen “guru” whose seminars on his legal theories have raked in big money across the country. Complicating the spat further, Straight’s wife was arrested Monday on a raft of charges.


In the past, Straight and the so-called “Texians” have been natural allies. They both subscribe to the eclectic ideas of the sovereign citizen movement which broadly encompasses groups of people who believe they exist in parallel legal universes and can, through elaborate legal filings and careful courtroom rhetoric, evade actual laws.


But the relationship between the Texas sovereign citizens and one of the movement’s most prominent members broke down this month, after the Texas group accused Straight of getting rich by selling fake license plates that sovereign citizens believe would help them avoid police. In total, the group claims Straight may have made nearly $200,000 off the bogus plates.


Straight and the Republic of Texas’ leadership didn’t respond to requests for comment.


Click on the link for the full article

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Judge issues warrant for Ammon Bundy, who has ignored St. Luke’s lawsuit for nearly 1 year


An Idaho judge issued a civil arrest warrant Tuesday for Ammon Bundy, after he repeatedly failed to appear in court or respond to a lawsuit filed by St. Luke’s Health System.


Ada County Judge Lynn Norton found probable cause that Bundy committed contempt and set his bail at $10,000, a figure she called “reasonable.”


Bundy wasn’t present in the courtroom, though several of his supporters were.


“I can’t really arraign him since he’s not here,” Norton said.


“I think it’s impossible not to conclude that, absent Mr. Bundy having some consequences for his actions, it will just continue,” said Erik Stidham, an attorney who is representing St. Luke’s.


St. Luke’s last May filed a lawsuit against Bundy, his gubernatorial campaign and other business entities, as well as his friend, Diego Rodriguez, and Rodriguez’s organizations.


Protests over the hospitalization of Rodriguez’s infant grandson last year that resulted in the redirection of emergency services and a lockdown of the downtown Boise campus were simply a “grift” to enrich themselves and boost their own publicity, the health system alleged.


It could take several days for Bundy to be arraigned.


Norton considered a few other motions made by St. Luke’s legal team, including a request for a “discovery referee” to help compel Bundy and Rodriguez, his co-defendant, to produce documents and other records that can be used at trial. She said she would rule on the request at a later date.


Norton also ordered that Bundy, Rodriguez, as well as other business entities controlled by one or the other, are required to appear for depositions.


A jury trial in the case is set for July.


Click on the link for the full article

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He has no counsel: Ammon Bundy files petition to move case to federal court


After lengthy legal action by St Luke's Hospital against Ammon Bundy, Diego Rodriquez, Freedom Man PAC, People's Rights Network and Freedom Man Press LLC over defamation. Bundy, who has largely ignored it, has now filed a petition to move the case to a federal court. 


The petition, filed Monday, May 1, claims that the case could be moved to federal court because it involves people that now live in different states, the matter exceeds sums of $75,000, Bundy has no counsel and that he and the other petitioners have been "put in jeopardy" by exercising their right to free speech and right to assemble.


"All protected acts listed in the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution. Additionally, pursuant to the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution, 'Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness' clause, Petitioners have been deprived of their right of procedural due process pursuant to the 5th and 6th amendments, and finally the right of equal rights pursuant to the 14th Amendment," the petition stated.


However, as KTVB has previously reported, St. Luke's has repeatedly tried to engage in the legal process with Bundy, and he has repeatedly ignored requests and legal notices.

Attorneys for St. Luke's sent KTVB a statement in regard to the petition. 



"St. Luke’s understands that Ammon Bundy filed a petition to remove the lawsuit against him to federal court. St. Luke’s has no problem with the Idaho federal courts and has no problem with the state courts in Ada County. But we believe there is no legal basis for federal jurisdiction in this case.


Click on the link for the full article

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Far-right activist Ammon Bundy’s latest standoff is in court


A far-right activist best known for his showdowns with federal and state law enforcement officials in Oregon and Nevada is waging a one-sided standoff of a different kind after refusing to comply with court orders in an Idaho defamation lawsuit.


The lawsuit by St. Luke’s Regional Health was filed more than a year ago, accusing Ammon Bundy and his close associate Diego Rodriguez of making defamatory statements against the hospital and its employees after Rodriguez’s infant grandson was temporarily removed from his family and taken to St. Luke’s amid concerns for his health.


Since then, Bundy has ignored court orders related to the lawsuit, filed trespassing complaints against people hired to deliver legal paperwork, and called on scores of his followers to camp at his home for protection when he learned he might be arrested on a warrant for a misdemeanor charge of contempt of court.


In the current lawsuit, Bundy seems to be following a “blueprint,” using rhetoric similar to that used in the Oregon and Nevada standoffs to escalate the conflict, said Devin Burghart, the director of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights. Burghart has been hired by St. Luke’s attorneys to serve as an expert witness in the defamation lawsuit.


“Bundy has attempted to take the lawsuit and make it into something larger. If he’s able to take this trial and turn it into a larger confrontation, that could be very problematic,” Burghart said.


Fewer people seem willing to put their own lives on hold to stay at Bundy’s property this time, Burghart noted.


The in-person response may be dwarfed by online reaction. At least three witnesses in the defamation lawsuit are unwilling to testify against Bundy in court, according to court documents filed by St. Luke’s, because they fear they might be harmed by Bundy’s supporters.


“Intimidation, defamation, doxing, trespass, threats of violence, armed ‘protests’ at homes and businesses and, when all else fails, armed standoffs with law enforcement — these are the weapons of choice for Ammon Bundy and his more than 60,000-member strong militia, People’s Rights Network,” attorneys for St. Luke’s Health System wrote in a recent court filing.


Bundy, meanwhile, recently told followers that he would rather “go back to Heavenly Father” than return to jail — though contempt convictions generally carry a maximum jail sentence of five days under Idaho law.


Bundy also maintains he won’t stop making the allegedly defamatory statements against St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center regardless of any court ruling, because he claims his liberty is at stake.


Sheriff’s deputies stopped by Bundy’s property at least twice in recent weeks to serve the arrest warrant, but left when they were told Bundy wasn’t home.


Bundy, who previously said he was ignoring the court documents because he wanted the case to end quickly, has now asked to have the case moved to federal court.


Click on the link for the full article

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