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The Skins new Mercury Morris-Larry Csonka backfield is......

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The Skins new Mercury Morris - Larry Csonka backfield could very well be in the future....... Trung Canidate and Rock Cartwright. :) Or Sultan McCullough and Rock Cartwright. :) Remember when both Morris and Csonka both gained 1,000 yards rushing in the same season.... when the Dolphins were unbeatable?

Yeah, I know it aint gonna happen as long as Spurrier is the coach, with his emphasis on passing and not using the fullback. But I can dream. :laugh:

If the Skins get back to giving the running game priority, then

Canidate or McCullough have Mercury Morris' speed and both Canidate and McCullough rushed for over 1,000 yards in the Pac10.

And Cartwright at 229 lbs., needs to maybe put on 11 lbs. to get to 240 [Csonka's size] But Cartwright with 4.42 speed is also faster then Csonka.

Anyway this is the backfield I would install and then go back to giving the running game priority. The difference is I would use Cartwright more in the running game and get rid of this friggin running-back-by-committee approach, which doesn't allow any of our running backs to get into a rhythm. :)

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I think I’ll wait a few more games before I start making comparisons to championship teams, and their notable players. I like all of our backs right now, but don’t feel like I have been able to see enough action out of any of them (this year) to make a decision on who should start where – at least at the HB position anyway.

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Cartwright may not be the long-term answer at rb, however, his performances have been good enough to warrant the chance to see :)

we know that Canidate is best suited to a part-time role and lacks the durability to carry the load for 16 games.

Morton is too much of a liability in the backfield at 185 to count on for more than the hook and ladder, hail mary type plays.

Betts may be the best all-around back on the team, although he will have to stay healthy and prove it to us at some point.

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I dont think Canidate has gotten a fair chance yet, to determine whether he has the durability to last 16 games or not. He has been out a couple games with a sprained ankle. That can happen to any running back. Heck, Stephen Davis is out now with a sprained ankle.

The thing that is hurting all our running backs is this running back-by-committee approach, which sucks and rarely works in the NFL. None of our running backs can show their stuff when they can't get enough carries to get into a rhythm. :(

Unlike last year when Davis, Watson and Betts each had multiple 100 yard games, none of the backs this year has had a 100 yard game because they don't get enough carries. And yet we know that all of the them -- Betts, Canidate, Cartwright and McCullough are capable of it because they have done it before in the NFL or college. :)

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