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Cowboys vs Redskins Tailgate 1/3/16


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I know this a bit early to start but me and the wife just bought tickets to the game and was wondering if anyone is going and tailgating.  Previous years we met at a site next to the stadium and tailgated.  We had about 40 Redskins fans.  It worked out pretty well.


Any one come out of town for the game there will be a Redskins Rally the night before that is usually has a bunch of Redskins Alumni that attend.  Here is the Facebook invite:




I apologize if there is already a thread on this.  I didn't see it in the search.

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I started a thread yesterday but only got one teply. Maybe them mods can merge them? There are a coiple of lots about a half mile from the stadium that are only around $30 and they allow tailgaiting. I found them through Parkwhiz.com. The actual stadium lots are stupid expensive. I definitely plan to tailgate and it would be nice to do it with a bunch of Skins fans.

Btw, the rally on Saturday is always a good time. I've net Doc Walker, Ricky Sanders, Cooley, Bruce Allen, and of course the Dan. They all mingle and do autographs and pics and the works.

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