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GIFs: DeAngelo Hall at Safety


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I've had many questions on how DeAngelo Hall has played at safety, so I wanted to show you what I've found in a quick post here. Basically, D'Hall truthfully hasn't been tested yet. He's used in four basic situations:


  • Cover 1 Robber - He plays the deep safety while we bring Goldson in to cover the middle zone. He doesn't do anything in this GFY, but this is to show you his general position on the field as DEEP safety.
  • To go along with Cover 1 Robber, he also plays Cover 2 with Goldson in the back as the other outside safety.
  • Bring him in the box occasionally to help with run support. The 'Skins like to have both their safeties play both roles, so this doesn't surprise me here that he is used in both situations (deep and shallow).
  • Plays cornerback against slower, larger tight ends or bigger wide receivers - This I'm VERY happy about. He's best against bigger receivers like Dez/D Thomas especially since he's older and slower. He actually has good coverage on #86.


Two penalties vs Giants:


  • Face mask - I am 99% sure he knew and pretty much apologized to ODB afterwards. Maybe that's my homer bias talking... but it looks like he was just like "**** that's my bad" 


  • Horse collar - I don't care that he grabbed the jersey. The fact is that the refs will call this tackle EVERY single time. I don't blame the refs here one bit. 


  • Big play from Sunday: Leg tackle on Tye. Barely got him


Switch from outside CB to Safety


His role is almost identical to SS#30 Kyshoen Jarrett's right now, except Barry trusts Jarrett more in coverage. So you will rarely see Jarrett and Hall on the field at the same time unless we bring out dime packages (6 DBs where we run Dunbar, Breeland, Blackmon, Goldson, Jarrett and Hall).


I went back to the beginning of the season and a couple of our big plays were 100% his fault. He simply is not good enough to play outside CB anymore. So at safety, let's wait and see... I like his physicality and aggressiveness, but that could lead to busted coverages.


Joe Barry's 4-2-5 Cover 3 Defense against 3WR Sets


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I'm pretty hopeful for him. I really like DHall.


Playing deep has been a hole for us for quite some time.


I think he also gets an unfair title of soft at tackling. He rarely shys away from a hit.


I also wonder how healthy he is and if that lingering injury will ever truly heal.

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It would be nice to have some one back there when passes go down field a fan could think a play could be made on ball. A ballhawk is what I'm trying to say. Not sure if he can provide that, but he would seem to have ball skills to have a chance at this. Playmakers, playmakers and more playmakers is what we need on D

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