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"Two local radio guys, whose afternoon comedy show is broadcast on the Redskins' flagship station, called for fans to boycott Sunday's game. Well, boycott isn't the right word. Station management told the two funnymen not to use the word boycott. They pulled out the thesaurus and used every other word possible: refuse, snub, reject, avoid, spurn, ignore, repudiate, decline, etcetera, etcetera."

I didn't hear this myself, but I am not really suprised. I am not boycotting anybody, but I really couldn't take much of Steve Czaban lattely. I found myself often just go to another station on the radio when I hear him again and again demonizing Snyder or makin fun of anything Steve Spurrier ever said or done(and it is not even funny anymore). After all Skins is MY team and they strugle and he is appears openly enjoy Skins misery just to make a point (what point?) so I am ignoring them for now.

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I think I've been ingnoring Steve Czaban for 3 years now. That show is the worst thing on radio right there next to the John Thompson show. The only person I enjoy listening to is Doc Walker. He's played on championship teams and has been through the rigors of the NFL and knows what it takes to succeed. So you get sort of an insiders opinion on what's going on with the players.

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