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Afghan Children's Fund...

Johnny Punani2

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I just wanted to give a heads up to everyone and inform them about what's going on over there. These people are in really bad shape. I just got done watching a show about the conditions for children in Afghanistan and they are horrific to say the least. In one segment they talked about the infant mortality rate being the highest on the planet and showed a five month old dead from pheumonia because there wasn't even simple antibiotics to treat him. To see the shear angush and heartbreak on the parents faces when they buried their son was hard to watch.

You can find more info on the needs of Afghan Children here...


Take a look at the Stats:

The Plight of the Afghan Children

One in four Afghan children will not make it to their fifth birthday.

One in three Afghan children is an orphan.

Almost 1/2 of Afghan children suffer malnutrition.

Millions face the threat of starvation.

These are the worst conditions on the planet for children...

The reason why I am posting this here is because I know a lot of posters on here are good people and very generous. I ask that you please donate something to help these kids out. It doesn't matter if it is just a dollar. Anything would help them. The Red Cross Afghan Fund as raised over 11 million dollars and most of that was from US school children giving only a dollar. You can get info on where to send a donation on the website I listed. I just sent in a donation for $50.00


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