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Reuters: Venezuela opposition activist shot dead, party says


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On ‎10‎/‎12‎/‎2016 at 4:31 PM, Destino said:

That's horrible. It annoys me that the world has to stand by and watch things like this happen.  If we offer too much aid, we end up propping up the monster that has done this to his own people, and will do worse.  If we simply toss him in the ocean and help Venezuela rebuild, we're war mongers and criminals with no respect for sovereignty.  So we're left with no option but to watch states slowly fall into despair, or remain their, as unnecessary suffering rises.  This we call peace and stability. 

There has to be a better way.

You are starting to sound like a neo-con.


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Another reason not to go to Venezuela




Man claims son was eaten by fellow inmates during riot in Venezuelan prison

Juan Carlos Herrera is beyond devastated. He says his 25-year-old-son, jailed in 2015 for robbery, was beaten, dismembered and eaten by fellow inmates at the Táchira Detention Center.





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"I have a mango tree ... This tree is currently saving my life, but might also get me killed soon."

That's Busteq. He's a middle-class Venezuelan who lives in a nice neighborhood. In short, he's a lot like many of you, except his country (which has more oil than any other nation on earth) saw its currency go ****-up when gas got super cheap last year. This, combined with almost comical levels of government corruption, has brought their civilization to the brink of collapse.

We're barely exaggerating there. Venezuela is now facing the kind of food shortages that mean Busteq and his neighbors are essentially living through the first five minutes of a zombie apocalypse movie. At that time, Busteq probably didn't give much thought to his two mango trees -- the same as how you don't spend much time thinking about whether your windows can keep out the undead


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On October 15, 2016 at 10:47 AM, Malapropismic Depository said:

Maybe a good idea for everyone to get a hold of some cheap mango seeds and plant their own mango trees ?

I'm all for planning ahead but when facing an immediate crisis, trees that might produce fruit in 5 years seem like a less than ideal solution.

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Generally power grabs aren't that peaceful, especially if there is an angry reaction immediately following it.  This is the part  where the military is usually out in the streets enforcing a curfew.  Then you add in the tiny detail that these people are experiencing food insecurity?  Yikes.  Won't take much for that situation to turn real ugly.

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