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The immigration thread: American Melting Pot or Get off my Lawn

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Just like Presidents before him, Trump is now using his Powers to deliver on his promises:




Trump's executive orders dramatically expand power of immigration officers


Washington (CNN)The immigration executive orders signed by President Donald Trump this week could amount to a vast expansion of authority for individual immigration officers and a dramatic increase in efforts to detain and deport undocumented immigrants.

The order lays out a series of categories of undocumented immigrants that immigration law enforcement officials should prioritize for removing from the country, a reaction to what was criticized by the right as lax enforcement of immigration law by former President Barack Obama.
But experts say the descriptions include virtually every person in the country illegally and give broad latitude to individual immigration officers to decide who should be detained for deportation.
In addition to a strain on resources, critics worry the orders could cause legal concerns.
The Obama administration had prioritized expulsion of undocumented immigrants who threatened public safety or national security, had ties to criminal gang activity, committed serious felony offenses or were habitual misdemeanor criminal offenders.
Trump's order goes far beyond that, using a sweeping definition of "criminal" and giving a single immigration officer the ability to make judgments on threats to public safety.
The order says the priority will be removing deportable immigrants who "have been convicted of any criminal offense; have been charged with any criminal offense, where such charge has not been resolved; have committed acts that constitute a chargeable criminal offense; have engaged in fraud or willful misrepresentation in connection with any official matter or application before a governmental agency; have abused any program related to receipt of public benefits; are subject to a final order of removal, but who have not complied with their legal obligation to depart the United States; or in the judgment of an immigration officer, otherwise pose a risk to public safety or national security."
The order labels each category "A" through "G," but doesn't make explicit whether they are in decreasing order of significance or equal.
Experts say the order would seemingly include all undocumented immigrants -- a departure from Obama administration policies that extended some protections to those that have lived in the US for potentially decades and have otherwise been contributing members of society. The Obama administration offered formal protection to a group under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, geared toward undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children who grew up here and were pursuing education or jobs.
Trump has said that such individuals are not his priority, that he wants to focus on removing "bad dudes." Nevertheless, his sweeping executive order would seemingly allow for anyone to be detained for removal proceedings, even if they have only been suspected of committing a crime, including misdemeanors, or of being a threat.
"I think it covers just about every illegal alien in the country," said Hans von Spakovsky, a legal expert at the conservative Heritage Foundation, which has been strongly influential on Trump's policy. "It's also very clear that the No. 1 priority is people who have been charged and convicted with criminal offenses, and that's the kind of violent criminals who should be out of the country."
Still, there's nothing in the current order that makes that clear. It places a violent criminal at the same level as a parent of US citizen children who works and contributes to their community, said Washington University law professor Stephen Legomsky.
"That strikes me as crazy," said Legomsky, who has served as a consultant to Obama, former President Bill Clinton and the George H.W. Bush administration.

Resources strained

Legomsky and other experts believe the order places tremendous authority on individual ICE agents and divisions.
The union that represents ICE agents endorsed Trump during the campaign, offering harsh criticism of Obama's enforcement priorities. Under the past administration, officers were "unable to arrest or are forced to release many of the most dangerous (criminals) back into U.S. communities due to unscrupulous political agendas and corrupt leaders," National ICE Council President Chris Crane said in a statement about the endorsement.
The new enforcement priorities, and the additional 10,000 immigration officers prescribed by the orders, are presumably designed to give ICE what it wants -- more authority.
But a former acting ICE director under Obama says that the new enforcement priorities risk overwhelming an already stressed system and makes it more difficult for individual officers.
"The language here, the fact that it says 'in the judgment of an immigration officer,' that doesn't suggest there's going to be supervisory review, it strongly suggests this is going to be the judgment of officers in the field and they'll have broad discretion about when and where to arrest someone and bring proceedings," said John Sandweg, now at a crisis management firm.
Sandweg said ICE data shows that only a few hundred thousand individuals can be removed per year, and that immigration judges and detention facilities are already overwhelmed by cases. He said that was why the Obama administration set limited priorities and specified types of criminals to target.
"I think the idea of saying there's a limited number of people can be deported in a given year, let's make sure that they're the most violent and most dangerous, that makes sense," he said, "and this seems to be a reversal of that policy and I think endangers public safety as a result."
While Trump's orders call for an increase in detention facilities and judges to be assigned to those facilities, it will be up to Congress to determine how much resources go to <rest at link>
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I'm not surprised in the least that Trump is doing all this, however I am surprised and very disappointed at the number of folks that voted for Trump thinking "oh, he is just talking a lot of nonsense....we just care about the jobs stuff"


This election is a great lesson in why you take a candidate at their word about what they intend to do.  It doesn't mean they can actually 100% get everything done they want, but when they tell you for 18 months straight they are going to do certain things, and go on to win their party's nomination by saying it non-stop, you should probably believe them at that point and not put it on the same playing field as "...but....those...emails!"

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Section IV, please.


Tonight one federal judge has already correctly characterized Trump as acting contrary to the Constitution.


So much wrong in EIGHT FREAKING DAYS. The evacuation of the diplomatic corps (placing American civil servants around the world at risk), the contempt for government workers generally, the Russia entanglements, the manifold emoluments violations, and now this flagrant, piggish inhumanity.


Anyone want to bet that this clown has never even read the Constitution?

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Just now, I_Bleed_B&G said:

Trump is a ****ing coward.  Won't even release a statement or anything.  He is waiting for 3am to roll around so he can unleash a twitter diatribe.  What a piece of ****!


It's probably gonna be a rant of epic proportions too. I personally can't wait to hear the bull**** that comes out of his mouth about the stay orders. He's just digging himself a deeper hole.

1 minute ago, TheGreatBuzz said:

What are the potential ramifications of these places that appear to be ignoring the judges order?   


I'd like to know this as well. I've been trying to find info, but nothing so far.

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Just now, TheGreatBuzz said:

What are the potential ramifications of these places that appear to be ignoring the judges order?   


They could be held in contempt depending on the facts.  But that won't do a lot of good for people duped into voluntary waivers.  Really hope that kind of shenanigan isn't going on.

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Just now, I_Bleed_B&G said:

Trump is a ****ing coward.  Won't even release a statement or anything.  He is waiting for 3am to roll around so he can unleash a twitter diatribe.  What a piece of ****!


Exactly, a real leader would be explaining what he's doing with a move like this at a 2 pm press conference that would've been held on Saturday. I don't think this person exactly understands what he has done and how he has overstepped his bounds, my bet this was Bannon's idea and the person residing in the White House went along with it.

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6 minutes ago, I_Bleed_B&G said:

Is this real life?


@Jess4_RK: WHAT IN THE HELL DID I JUST WATCH???????????????????????????WHEN HAS A PRESIDENT EVER DONE THIS???! IM SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!! https://t.co/LupgicIyUz


It seems like a super PAC that is running this. It is easily the tackiest thing I think I have ever seen in politics.


Middle America might be trading televangelists for Donald Trump super PACs. There is something deeply amusing about it.

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Isn't what Trump is doing a two-fold problem as it is flat-out unconstitutional but also so poorly planned out that people he probably didn't even think would be caught up in this are being detained and sent back?   As much of an idiot Trump seems to be, and how little he seems to know anything about most things related to his job, part of me....ok maybe just a sliver....thinks even he didn't intend for folks with green cards and/or work visas/student visas etc etc....people whoa actually already live here technically legally would be stopped and detained and forced to go back.  Is this giving the orange orangutan too much slack?

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This hits home for me.  My parents were refugees in the 70s.  Originally from Yemen but my parents grew up in Uganda.  They were forced out by Idi Amin.  My father arrived in Maryland at the age of 18 and my mom was sent to Austria for a long time until my father could bring her over.  My father arrived with absolutely nothing.  Worked in a shoe factory and lived basically in a dorm room.  He was able to to put in the hard work and just last year retired from the state government.  He held the highest position in his field.  Same with my uncle.


And through all that he was able to raise us 5 kids. Both my father and uncle sacrificed alot for their children and all of us are contributing members to our country.  We have physicians, IT professionals, others working in public health, teachers, wall street execs, etc...


This country has given us a lot!  We never took it for granted and we love this place so much.  It really stinks to see what is happening to this country in a matter of 1 week.  It really is heart breaking.  And if that isn't bad enough, I'm also a die hard Redskins fan.

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