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The immigration thread: American Melting Pot or Get off my Lawn

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6 minutes ago, visionary said:



Kinda like the US citizen who was locked up for 3 weeks "while we checked his paperwork" being released hours after the media started asking about him. 

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GREENEVILLE, Tenn. — Updated Story (7/31/19): The owner of a Bean Station slaughterhouse who admitted paying illegal immigrants in cash for years to avoid federal payroll obligations was sentenced Wednesday to 18 months in federal prison.

James Brantley pleaded guilty last year in U.S. District Court in Greeneville to counts of failing to collect and pay federal employment taxes, wire fraud and hiring unauthorized aliens.




In seeking mercy for his client, McKellar argued that once Brantley hired illegal employees, he had no way to pay their federal taxes because they were in fact illegal. :ols:

The judge noted the novel argument while also saying Brantley chose to break the law by hiring non-residents.



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The GOP continuing to do what they have been doing.  Changing rules and mucking things up in order to create an artificial crisis at the border.   Adding more steps, more hoops, more nonsense people have to go through in order to apply for asylum, which of course the natural result will be a major backlog, inadequate services and facilities, lack of resources etc etc etc.....so a year from now during the general election Trump can turn around and point to the border and say what a mess it is. 


What a leader this guy is.

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The suspected ringleader of a human trafficking and narcotics network who'd been on US Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Most Wanted list was arrested Wednesday night in Michigan after a manhunt that lasted more than two years, an agency spokesman said.


Darrick Bell, 50, was arrested at an Econo Lodge in Monroe, south of Detroit, with nearly $12,000 and suspected cocaine in his motel room, spokesman Khaalid Walls said in a statement. A female defendant facing drug charges was also arrested, he said.

Bell, a US citizen, is one of nine defendants charged with sex trafficking, conspiracy, and conspiracy to distribute drugs, among other charges, according to a superseding indictment filed in federal court. The indictment alleges that Bell and others conspired to give drugs to human trafficking victims to control and coerce them into commercial sex work.

Authorities had been looking for Bell since January 2017, when nearly 200 law enforcement personnel raided the Victory Inn in Detroit, a motel where Bell allegedly took part in a sophisticated criminal operation manned by lookouts and armed guards, Walls said. Bell escaped the raid.



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I do think there's a legit question, here, though.  When it comes to things like people afraid to go see a doctor or go pick up their lost child.  


Should a person who is currently breaking the law be afraid to do things that will involve interacting with law enforcement?  


I can at least see the argument that they should.  



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4 hours ago, twa said:

so what is ya'lls solution?


No one is interested in a solution.  Everyone is playing politics.  The reason is because nothing that remotely looks like a solution will please either side of the aisle.  Every viable solution includes two things: amnesty and far stricter enforcement of immigration laws than we're seeing today.  Anything short of both of those things sees the problem continue with no end in sight.  Neither party can sell both of those things to their base. 


And so we continue forward with a useful underclass. 

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