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Redskins report/Steve Spurrier COACHES SHOW!

Dr. D

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Hello All,

If this topic is already here then forgive me in advance.

Considering the objects of discussion this week I felt it germain.

first of all, these are 2 local talk shows here in DC (WRC ch 4)

"Redskins Report" is a round table discussion involving Sonny Jurgenson, George Michael, John Riggins, Micheal Wilbon(last nite it was Kornheiser)

"The Steve Spurrier Coaches Show" is a weekly talk show with Sonny and George and Steve talking about basically the same stuff as we do here. It follows immediately on Sat nite from redskins report.

Now what struck me in BOTH shows was the tone in general. Each panelist has their bias and so forth...John and Sonny ex-redskins...Kornheiser and Michael representing the Media. SOnny and George are tight with Danny and The FO. Whereas Riggo and Tony aren't as much. They all shared a common anger and frustration at SPURRIER. Essentially laying this at the feet of Saint SOS. Citing his inflexibility in the face of what we are seeing weekly from the team.

Now, for me that was a surprise, There is no bigger "homer" than Sonny. He was angry and defensive about Patrick Ramsey's weekly beatings..and at Spurriers equivocations reagrding protecting him. I seem to remember reading somewhere Sonny had the same problem in the 60's...

George and John got into a shouting match regarding Danny Boy Snyder.

Tony Kornheiser discussed the fact that the redskins are the lead story in NATIONAL newspapers.....(Rob johnson is starting for the RAiders today BTW).

again to summarize "redskins report" (since it segwe'ed into the SS show) was vim vigor and some entertainment...but the tone was highly negative(deservedly so its hard to argue with Sonny Jurgenson in this regard).....Tony summed it up best by saying "so basically we are DOOMED!" Sonny:"yea, if you cannot protect the QB (the most basic of priciples in the NFL) .." t

The idea here is that Stevie is in over his head and is getting Patrick Killed....and really seems aloof to it.....

NOW immediately following the "RR" came the" Steve Spurrier Coaches Show" This is just George and Sonny and Steve. George and Sonny sit on one side and Steve the other. They review game tape and discuss DAllas..and the prospects for the Seattle game.

George and Sonny started right away witht he tough questions...and Steve responded with his usual "well we got outplayed and outcoached".. at this point you could tell there was some tension.....George said: "excuse me but I am NOT breaking for commercial...Steve How is it that YOU are getting outcoached?" , "you are not a stupid man what is going on? are you afraid to name names or what?"

at thi point me and the wife looked at each other and there was something that passed between us that felt like "oh oh"

We watched Steve flounder and gasp..his face became as red as the jerseys and he started to sweat....seriously...

WE had a similar feeling that he (steve) just does not have it in him to turn this thing around. He did not inspire. Sonny just pounced on him and asked him what the heck they were thinking about and did he not have some feeling for what is happening to his ONLY QB?

Spurrier:..more equivovcation and the trite "well we will just have to try harder and coach better..."

The telling part of the whole thing was watching the look on SS face and the body language of George and Sonny...it was weird....I have never seen that before from Sonny.. He just sat there with his arms folded, eyes narrowed, giving the impression of extreme displeasure......

And to be honest Steve did absolutely NOTHING to answer. Did nothing to inspire confidence.......They reviewd game tape and Steve became combative and said "well you want me to name names? well here you go Left gaurd see there he doubles up on the center and then lets the linbacker in to hit Patrick."

George continued to show PAtrick getting smashed against Dallas and Steve seemed to become more uncomfortable with each passing moment......

eventually the show comes to the fan email....only this time the emails were poinanat and probing....like "why does Patrick never ROLL OUT to avoid the pressure?" Steve answers:" Well thats a good idea we may try that"....WHAT?

this drags...

in any event Steve says he has been coaching 20 years and has seen the blitz before......(could of fooled me!) but noone is buying it....not even the Kool-aid drinkers....

I dont think I can watch PR get killed anymore than Bayougator.. Its ovious also that SS is in over his head and has lost his team. He has no ability to lead and adapt to the conditons before him. I am sad.

God, the whole "hot read thing" my WIFE was asking questions like "what the hell is he doing?"...I could not begin to explain for I did not know......Does Steve?

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