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OT: Do like Darrell...................


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It’s pretty well known fact that over the years, Darrell Green would keep a little Tootsie Roll in his sock to eat late in games for a little energy boost. So I’m thinking, my daughter begins to drag a bit late in the second half of her soccer games, and maybe it would work for her. Telling a 10 year old you want them to eat candy goes over well, and she was glad to give it a whirl.

About an hour prior to game time, she tucked a tiny Tootsie Roll into her sock, and we were off to the game. I didn’t tell the other coaches or players, as a vision of Sister Ann Hertel standing over me with a pointer poised to strike saying, “I hope you brought enough gum for everybody young man.” :doh:

With about 15 minutes left in the game and my daughter slowing down, I yell from the bench, “do like Darrell” to her. She waves, and goes for the candy. Doesn’t seem to help, but I figured it was due to her hurting her leg early in the second half. So the game ends, and as she limps off the field towards the bench, I ask, ”did it work?”

She gave me the nastiest look and said, “ya, right dad……thanks a lot” She pulls her sock away from her leg and shin guard………………………….Tootsie Roll everywhere. Ya see, I didn’t account for it being 89 degrees today :doh:, and even hotter against her leg under the sock.:doh::doh:

Needless to say, I’ll be at the sporting goods store in the morning getting her a new set of shin guards in time for Monday nights game.

On an odd note, the start of the game was delayed for ice on the field.

Some schmuck dumped a huge cooler at the mid field line after the game just before ours :doh:


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