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RIP Yogi Berra

Spaceman Spiff

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IMO, he was the greatest living Yankee.  


A truly incredible life.  Stopped going to school after the 8th grade.  3 time AL MVP, 10 World Series rings, 18 time all star.  Managed some great teams.  


The colorful quotes.


More importantly, a WWII veteran.  He was there at Normandy.


RIP, Yogi.  You will be missed by baseball fans everywhere.

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I was like 'NOOOOOOOOOOO! They've gone killed off Jellystone's most famous inhabitant! What are poor Boo-Boo and Cindy gonna' do now! 


Then I find it's the bat and ball game ..... Crisis over. 


RIP Mr Berra whom ever you may be. 




Just read Yogi quotes. One doesn't have to be a bat and ball game fan to appreciate this guy.

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Michael McCann ‏@McCannSportsLaw 10m10 minutes ago

One measure of Yogi Berra's impact: he and his sayings--especially "like deja vu all over again"--appear in 124 decisions by federal judges.


Johnny Bench ‏@Johnny_Bench5 13m13 minutes ago

@MLB @BaseballHall @Yankees Yogi sent me a telegram when I hit a HR to pass him, "I knew my record would stand until it was broken".

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I think his quotes sometime overshadow what an amazing baseball player he was.  Johnny Bench might be the only catcher better in the history of the game.


I did not know about his D-Day service.  What a great life lived...

Came in here to say just that, Dan. Apparently, while Casey Stengel (a man also known for making brilliant, though confusing, statements) was the manager of Yankees, he said "I never play a ball game without my man."


That man was Yogi Berra. He was a versatile player who was not only a master of the art/masochistic practice of catching, but was also an outfielder. The man had 19 solid seasons, winning three MVPs and hitting .293/.360/.497 in his last season as a Yankee (oddly enough, it seems, Berra's offensive line in his final season - which he played with the Mets - was .222/.222/.222. Seems oddly appropriate for the man).


My condolences to his family. Seems as if he lived a very rich, rewarding life.

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I thought Dale got all the talent in that family.


Just kidding.


It does seem like his place as a cultural icon has eclipsed his brilliance on the field. I think that of all the "unbreakable" records in sports, his 75 World Series games is probably the one that will still be there 100 years from now.


For some reason, years ago, I read Joe Garagiola's biography. He grew up across the street from Yogi Berra, which is kind of amazing when you really think about it. He pointed out that it's rare for a guy to be drafted by the major leagues at 16 and not be the best player in his city, let alone on his block.


He also pointed out that Yogi never said funny things but that he said things funny. And he apparently always did it. The one that stands out is Yogi going home from some kind of pickup game in the winter when they were 12 or 13 complaining of a cold. Someone said that he never got sick and Yogi said, "If a guy can't get sick on a day like this, he ain't healthy."

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On and off the field

Plus he stood up to the Boss.

Hopefully, the boys can win it for Yogi this October


He did stand up to Steinbrenner.  IMO, when you've got as many rings as Berra he probably gave zero ****s about what The Boss thought about whatever bug was up his ass that day.  

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