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A positive poll for once!

Potato Sack

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Originally posted by jbooma

I don't see Lavar on the poll?

You beat me to it. Just like in 2000. Lavar makes a play, whether it's an interception for a score, a fumble return for a score, or a sack/fumble that someone picks up for a score. Crowd goes wild, 'Skins know they can win (cause they are trailing by 10 before the score) then they perform.

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me personally I dont care WHO steps up and makes some big plays....just as long as someone actually DOES IT.

To be honest, I think that there are plenty of guys on Defense that are attempting to do just that....only that seems to be counter-productive. We all know when things arent going well, whether its free-throws or marbles that when you "press" it makes it even HARDER to get back into that "comfort zone" of proficiency............

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