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God Bless America


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Good morning, gentlemen (and ladies.)

It's been fourteen years.

Still here. Still American.

Osama bin Laden is dead.

I make no apologies, qualifications, and will not debate about this post. Not today.



God Bless America.

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Bless America. There's no need for God to be involved.  :P I mean, that is what the founders intended right? 

The founders intended that God needn't be involved for you and me but it's fine if God is involved with blessing the country for those with faith.


Thank you Henry.

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As a more secular-minded fellow, I'd say "amen" and thank you for continuing the tradition, Henry.


I think of how I spent that day and all the people who were killed in the attack---U.S. citizens and guests of this country...they were of all types and demographics united in a tragic death and mourned by us all without care or interest in those demographics.


To me, the greatest thing about "America" and the freedoms and liberty we associate with it, is how many different kinds of people can be accommodated under the tent if we're willing to work as hard in life to achieve what we allow the threat of a "greater enemy" and death to give to us so easily---a basic unity. I carry the deepest respect and appreciation for those striving against all adversaries to pursue the ideals of living in a nation with freedom, liberty, and equality of justice for everyone.



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14 years since 9/11. 


10 years since 7/7. 


Through both, we comforted each other and stood tall together like no other in the fight for justice in this rapidly changing World. 


God rest our innocent fallen. 


God bless us all. 



Are you ever gonna change your signature? How many years has that been now? :)


And God bless America.

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