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Your friendly Friday night youtube music thread Vol. II (with respect to vol. I's OP--rincewind)

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7 hours ago, d0ublestr0ker0ll said:

Badass Jersey blues-rock.  John Popper was poppin' off after this album slapped us in 1994.  He kinda gets forgotten in the realm of incredible musicians.  Incredible vocalist and harmonica player.



Blues Traveller is amazing! - Here is my favorite (love the entire album but this one in particular): 





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Shoegaze, electronic, heaviness. A brilliant deconstruction and reconstruction of melody. To me, this song feels like I'm being burst into star-stuff (Sagan reference) and then being reassembled by the universe. Hard to describe...it's a journey.




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Three different styles in a drum battle.  Weckl and Colaiuta were Gods when I was growing up.  A lot of drummers believed Vinnie was THE cutting edge drummer of the time.  Gadd with the classic slapping grooves, Weckl with such good technique that he's barely holding on to the sticks.  Phenomenal.



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