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Your friendly Friday night youtube music thread Vol. II (with respect to vol. I's OP--rincewind)

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Inspired by @Riggo-toni and the Doobies, please enjoy this humorous anecdote about my mother and her deep, life-long love of The Doobie Brothers.


It was maybe 2005, my mother is in her late 50s.  It’s a winter Sunday afternoon, cold and rainy, and I’ve dropped by to do some busywork...change lightbulbs/filters, move heavy stuff, etc.  She’s making a big pot of Swiss Steak and it’s gonna take a few hours.  On her little kitchen TV she has tuned into VH1 and they are showing a “Top 100 bands of all time” countdown marathon.  5 hours worth or such.


She had tuned in right at the start, picked up the countdown around 90 or so...which was Heart, iirc.  She turns to me and says “Wow, this is great.  I can’t wait to see where they rank The Doobies!”.  I nod my head.


The hours go by.  Chores are done and dinner is cooking.  The countdown continues.  We’re into the 70s/60s/50s/40s...big names are dropping.  We have a drink or two.  Both keeping an eye on it.  Waiting for The Doobies.


Finally, we get to the last episode, the last hour.  The top 20.  Still no Doobies.  As the really, really big names start to tick off...Bowie, Prince, The Doors, GNR and we get to the final stretch...she turns to me, in all seriousness but somewhat bewildered, slightly buzzed and stirring the Swiss Steak, she turns to me wide-eyed and says, “Michael.  Do you think The Doobie Brothers made the Top 10?!?”


“Oh, Mom”...



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I understand that Disney recently laid off all of the performers from all of their WDW stage shows. Including this one, my favorite thing in all of WDW. (This isn't the latest cast. From several years ago. But this is the cast I liked best.)

I assume that some day, they'll assemble a new cast. From scratch. At least I hope. 

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2 minutes ago, TryTheBeal! said:

Whole song is some weird 8/7 timing.  And yet catchy.  Tony Franklin on bass.




Saw them in concert at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit for their first album when I was in college.  Since they only played the songs on the album, and no Bad Co. or Led Zeppelin, Jimmy filled some of the time with a solo with the bow string on the guitar.  Amazing performance.  This was the hit on the album:



But I'm a fan of Midnight Moonlight.



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