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Your friendly Friday night youtube music thread Vol. II (with respect to vol. I's OP--rincewind)

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I remember begging my mom for a white tailcoat like Steve's when I was 16, probably the most outrageous thing any of us had ever asked her for.

Imagine the response of "Where you gonna wear it?" and me saying, "Everywhere!" 

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33 minutes ago, skinsmarydu said:

Really? 5?  I only asked for one...

Guess I should enjoy the extras while I can.  :headbang:

Well, I was meaning 1-5 like 1 win, 5 losses.  But I will give you a bonus track.


1b)  From Desert Dwaynes I bring you up...



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This is RTJ and there’s a huge nsfw warning with this


but it’s awesome


the snow machine for walking in the snow and the solo elements are excellent touches. 


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Hope this is not pushing the bounds of the thread - but I found this very entertaining and uplifting in so many levels: 


I can delete and replace with something else if it's out of place here. 



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