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Asked about a players meeting this is what Champ had to say.....

"Maybe it'll get done, or maybe most people won't feel it's necessary," Bailey said. "It's got to be mutual agreement. If you've got people that don't want to go, then there's no reason to do it."

This is Why i know its the players that suck ass not the FO or Coaching........

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Player's meeting are always overblown.

Meetings are only necessary if something good or positive can come from them. That entails that the people in the meeting have the power to change something.

Do you think it's worth anybody's time to go to a player's meeting if your agenda is to express a general distrust and lack of confidence in the coaching staff?

I think it's one thing if a few guys need to be told to get with the program. But I think we've heard enough qoutes from a variety of different players to understand this whole problems involves a lot of people. A meeting might just exasperate the whole situation.

Read Jon Jansen's latest column. I think that was his plea for every player to look within themselves and be professionals.

Just my :2cents:

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Players only meetings always mean that they are getting together becuase htey need to figure out a way to run the team without the coaching staff. Nothing good EVER comes from them. Don't try to tell me the last few ones the Skins had were good at all...........:rolleyes:

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Perhaps it has something to do with who conducts the meetings. I recall Schottenheimer's first skins meeting coming after their 5th loss. The results were pretty good afterwards. Really, Spurrier doesn't exactly exuberate intelligence when he speaks, nor does he command much respect from the players. Bailey probably has as little respect for Spurrier's input at this point as anyone else on the team.

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Originally posted by FordHQ

Arguably the best CB in football .. one of the few bright spots on this team in recent years .. yea, what a bum :rolleyes:

Recent years aside, what he's done this year is be a selfish underproduicing average cornerback who is getting beaten like a drum by average or worse receivers on a weekly basis.

Ok, so a playing slump is forgiveable,but it goes deeper than that. So far in the last 4 months I've seen Bailey not only spurn a generous offer (which is his right to do) but he also never bothered to call the Redskins back to formally reject it, then complained in the papers about the 'way they are handling things." Hmm,, one of the cornerstone players of the franchise is behaving this way. That is sure to help out in the locker room when young players are looking for guidance with their new team.

When the team is down, does Bailey lead? Nope, he turns up his headphones and says things like "Some guys don't get upset about losing, everyone handles it in their own way."

When there's a players meeting, rather than leading by example, he says things like "maybe it will work... it has to be a mutual decision..."

Clue to you Chump. It's NOT a mutual decision. If any single player on the team needs to DECIDE to tighten up and play better he needs to be on the first train OUT of here. As a veteran and Pro Bawol regular, you need to step up and DEMAND better of your teammates. And if he's not the leadership type to do that, fine, but he needs to understand it is not a VOLUNTARY thing to play to the best of your ability.

Bailey, for all his good past years, has dropped the ball MISERABLY when it comes to stepping into a veteran leadership role.

Some guys aren't cut out for that, true. But he's supposedly the best defensive player we have and supposedly one of the best CBs in the NFL. Well, la-di-da. In my opinion one of the qualities that makes a veteran great is his ability to lead younger players or set an example for them to follow, and so far, he's done neither.

It really sounds like he wants to leave, so by all means, let his ass go. You lay down like he has and you ain't squat.

I read today that Bruce Smith has aired his grievances with Spurrier, and they have worked things out. Again, LA Di DA, the coach ought to tell him, gee Bruce, in case you haven't noticed we're trying to win football games here, and YOU CAN'T GET WITHIN TEN FEET OF THE QUARTERBACK. So we figured maybe we'd try to see if SOMEONE ELSE CAN.

Quote Smith.. "I have personal and team goals I am trying to accomplish . If they aren't going to allow me to do that, they should at least tell me."

Note which goal is first in his list

Look here, you whining old fart. No one owes you jack dick nothing in terms of explanations. You're a PLAYER. Your job is to PLAY when they tell you to play and DO what they tell you to do. Believe me, we'd all LOVE to see you get the sack record Brucie, but good grief, at the rate you're going that won't happen til 2007. That is your PERSONAL goal you mentioned.... now as far as your supposed TEAM goals... anyone with eyes can see Upshaw is better at getting pressure now. He should be the regular starter ANYWAY if not for his penchant for personal fouls. So, if Brucie had the TEAM in mind like he said, he would BENCH HIMSELF VOLUNTARILY, and then teach Upshaw to play without the cheap shots.

Spurrier needs to explode and take the reins of this team. He should tell every single player that whines to him or shows any lack of intensity at all to run 50 laps around Manassas.


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Looks like Champ sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Free agency and his ticket out of this joke of an organization.

I'm not saying that to be a troll. Maybe Champ really is just X-ing out days on his calendar till the end of the year, when he can start talking to other teams. Maybe he's tired of the revolving door at defensive coordinator, maybe he doesn't like Snyder, or doesn't want to be the 2nd best player on the defense behind Lavar. Whatever it is, I bet he starts talking to other teams as soon as it's legal for him to do so.

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As for Bruce Smith. Some players have bad attitudes, but they have to be kept for the athleticism that overcompensates for it, or vice-versa, although players whose skills are soley in cheerleading - like Shar Pourdanesh - aren't in much demand nowadays.

Is there a single player in the league that currently sucks as much as B.Smith does when you add on and off the field negatives together?

I think Snyder apologists underrate how much his infatuation with B.Smith breaking the record as a redskin is hurting the team. This has to be the inside joke amongst the 31 other GM's in the league, among other topics.

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Cripes. You would think by now that we would know to try and find out if there was more said or in what context it was said, or at least try to get as much of a story before going on tangents. Or is it just too easy to take a little here and a little there and put it together in a way that just so happens to match a certain point of view. :doh: Everybody deals with stress, ( in this case from losing), differently. Man. Thank god it appears that nobody on the Redskins is responding the way some here do. Gads.

From the Times. Where the quote comes from. Times blurb on meeting

"Instead, the Redskins continue to be a national punchline, and that's not sitting well.

"I hate it to death," cornerback Champ Bailey said. "The Bengals have the same record we have, but everyone says they're turning things around. I hate it. I don't want to become a franchise like that."

For what it's worth, all the abuse seems to be bringing Washington's players closer. One of the most common sentiments expressed in recent weeks has been, "We're all we've got."

"We've got guys with a lot of heart and great character," linebacker Jeremiah Trotter said. "That makes it easier. Guys aren't going to turn their backs on each other. They're going to keep fighting and hopefully use this losing streak to get closer to each other. That's all you can do."

There was discussion of a players-only meeting earlier this week, but as of yesterday evening, no such gathering had been called.

"Maybe it'll get done, or maybe most people won't feel it's necessary," Bailey said. "It's got to be mutual agreement. If you've got people that don't want to go, then there's no reason to do it."

Despite the growing evidence of Spurrier losing his players, many Redskins insist they still have confidence in the coaching staff and believe in the offensive and defensive systems in place.

"We started out [3-1] for a reason," safety Matt Bowen said. "We started out well because of good coaching and good players. And we can still finish well because of good coaching and good players. There's a lot of talented teams in the league that don't finish as well as they should, and we don't want to be one of those teams. We have a lot of talent, and we want to finish strong."

From right here on Extreme page one. :doh: Get this: This is the first team wide meeting that has been called. Or at least trying to be. How about that? :rolleyes:

Talking it over

"At some point before this Sunday's home game against the Seattle Seahawks, the players said they are going to hold their first team-wide, players-only meeting in an effort to increase their resolve to perform better, stick together as a team, and shut out the negativity that surrounds them."

The difference of opinions expressed by players is interesting.


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Originally posted by fansince62

this stuff about Champ and his contract is nuts....he could be injured tomorrow and done for good. he has a right to squeeze everything he can out of the system. you just don't like that he has been public about it....crocadile tears......

I want him back next year. I want us to work on revamping our d-line next year, and keeping the rest of the players in the secondary and the linebackers. Keep things consistant in this area and add some DT's and maybe one really good DE to replace Smith.

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players are paid to play...true. you do have to take a step back and wonder if the craziness over the years has taken its toll. losing is not fun, is a learned behavior, and is extremely contagious. players are paid to play and they play to win. after years of losing, some will not see any end and therefore move on. can't fault any athlete for that. would love to see loyalty and him stepping in as a leader to help the team, but before long, it's very easy to become indifferent to these adverse conditions.

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Joke of an organization?

Yeah he had a couple of funny moments too.

I'm just getting sick of the blame snyder crap

The problem is the salary cap makes it difficult to cut those that are stealing money instead of performing.

Bottom line is that champ can be replaced

If 18 million can help bring us a dominant D line then I wont shed tears if we trade him for picks/player

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