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The Submitted ONES, 2015 Official PRE_SEASON/Camp Twitter Thread: The will to win on the field starts now. (NO RG3 POSTS!)


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 Extreme Fans must submit this time of year, committing both time and energy without regard for career, family or other less rewarding or punishing pursuits, for you bleed burgundy. Win or Lose, you don't get to choose.


This is the highest you may feel for five months, you drink this kool-aid with an unquenchable thirst, you slug this nectar down without regard to the possible hang over awaiting you in just a few short weeks. Every drop of info is consumed as it might be your last. Anthony Mix is Tall, and Jesse Lumsden is a sure pro-bowler, even dreams of $47$ returning can't let you sleep a peaceful solid night.


Your family is looking at you like your hair is on fire and you need a bucket of water thrown on you, they won't see you for a month now, forget them, say goodbye and Submit. 


Submit, go with a fury .....at least until every last drop of fandom is gone from you. 




Let the Camp Fodder begin..........

I also wanted to go over and visit Haszard county, but hap done left the dukes behind.....poor Jesse and gang, no more flag either. Thanks Hap for all the tweets over there, and all to come here. Hail to Hap!

Rich Tandler retweeted Dale Earnhardt Jr.

We asked @DaleJr who he would vote for in Green vs. Riggo Best of the Best #Redskins final. Here’s his pick:

Rich Tandler added,

Dale Earnhardt Jr. @DaleJr
@Rich_TandlerCSN @CSNRedskins @JPFinlayCSN Close one! I'd have to go with @darrellgreen28 for his 20 year commitment to the team.
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Ex-Redskins TE Chris Cooley says comeback might have to wait until season begins http://es.pn/1LOyiyz 

@john_keim until lots of tight ends get hurt

ICYMI from Fri: Skins QB Colt McCoy told @kevins980 & @thomloverro no way he moves past RGIII on depth chart for WK 1 http://stationcaster.com/player_skinned.php?s=65&c=428&f=4641223 

ICYMI: Report: NFL executives don't believe the #Colts can afford Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton http://wp.me/p1L24z-DUa 

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Almost time for our unproven OL to go against our somewhat known DL.  This is our best DL in some time, gonna set a nice high bar in the one on ones me thinks.  Will our OL not called Trent get rag dolled as usual or has the worm really turned????


Thanks for providing the upcomming TC coverage, I don't twitter and because of you guys I don't miss out :)

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i love when the twitter threads switch over, it means the season is almost here! 


Anybody watching our season in review on nfl network? its kinda getting me pumped for the training camp. 


s/o to swfl and hap, you all do a great job on these threads and anybody else who contributes that I may have missed

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I submit. 


Also, I must say, I haven't been this attracted to a cartoon chick since "The Last Unicorn".  :wub:


It must be the jersey.

Cue the car wreck soundtrack, hahhaaa.. haven't seen GHH round these parts is some time....unicorngif_zpsarkdtdld.gif

There's 'bro.' There's 'really bro.' And then there's @RyanKerrigan91's license http://ow.ly/Q9NZD  #RedskinsTalk

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My writeup on RG3, Alfred Morris, Matt Jones, D-Jax, PGarcon, Jordan Reed, Niles Paul & the #Redskins 2015 Win Total: http://www.rotoworld.com/articles/nfl/55392/59/redskins-fantasy-preview 

I'm just going to get some Redskins/NFL thoughts off my chest in the upcoming tweets...


Is this the year Amerson shows us more talent than stupidity? Or does he just crash & burn, get cut at seasons end & 'get it' elsewhere?


Does Hatcher play at least 12 games for us this year? Does Knighton and Paea make him look like he did in '13?

Rob Carlin retweeted CSN Redskins

Wasn't this guy a character in Dazed & Confused?? #WatchTheLeather

@RobCarlinCSN @CSNRedskins @RyanKerrigan91

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I bet Scherff gets in a fight day 1

I was thinking Culliver/ Breeland and Garcon. Maybe its just on Sundays, but I occasionally get the feeling that although he is a nice guy on the surface, deep down he pretty much wants everyone dead. Add the feisty nature of Culliver and Breeland, and a hot, humid day, and thats a recipe for a good skirmish

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Ricky Jean Francois @Freakyjean99 8h8 hours ago

I got my money on #RGIII this whole season, my woe going to step it up this year. #HTTR

ESPN 980 @ESPNRadio980 9m9 minutes ago

GOOD MORNING #Redskins #NFLTrainingCamp is approaching! @ChrisPaulComedy & @JReidESPN full coverage on @ESPNRadio980!




Washington Redskins @redskinsbuzztap 2h2 hours ago

http://cover32.com  >> Counting down the top ten players on the Redskins roster – Part One http://buzztap.com/-k7p1zF 

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I bet Scherff gets in a fight day 1

This makes for an interesting concept...

-Predict the first fight of training camp: So far answers are


1) Scherff and ?  (incomplete answer, but leeway given since he can ban me)  to Zoony

2) Culliver and Garcon   to Mr. Sinister


I'll bet Trent and P. Smith based upon the following

 -linemen are frequently involved because their size makes them sweaty and fatigued most easily.

 -they always have someone in their face (except when our ex- RTs wave them through)

 -Smith will want to prove that he's a tough and mean SOB.

 -Trent already has ^

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