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Redskins: Better off with Grossman/Gibbs?


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he may only have bid $650 million for the team back in 1998, but one wonders what kind of a club the Redskins would be today if the Sam Grossman group had been able to purchase the Redskins?

Joe Gibbs was on board as a minority owner and potential team President.

While the club may have lacked the drama, does anyone think that Gibbs would not have found Grossman a capable GM to start rebuilding the franchise, after the fumigation needed from the Norv years? :)

Bringing in a Cowboys coach was bad enough but giving him almost 7 years to figure things out?

That is almost Zen like patience in the mastery of the moment :laugh:

At the very least I think we would not have the three ring circus that we have now, where the club is highlighted each week on the national broadcasts, but never for wins.

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Originally posted by Posse81


I wonder what we did to deserve all this...:(

It all began when we did not give Richie Pettibone more than one year as a coach and gave Norv Turner plenty of time to completely screw us over six ways to Sunday. It is the curse of Gibbs/Pettibone and now we will have many more years of futility in the NFL.

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Originally posted by Skins_Freak

Remember it was the Milsteins who beat out the Gibbs/Grossman group.

They got turned down by the owners club.

The funny thing is Snyder was a minority partner in the Milstein bid, but the owners wanted nothing to do with Milstein. So they told Snyder, "we don't like this Milstein guy, but you're OK with us. We want YOU to have the team." Too bad they didn't nix the whole bid, including Snyder. If they had it to do over again, they would.

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I had forgotten that factoid bulldog. Not sure if Grossman would have been a free spender but the organization would probably have been run better with Gibbs lending a hand.

I don't care who the owner is as long as we can put together a winning season or three. This is just getting downright depressing.

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I think it's safe to say that had Gibbs and Grossman taken over with the same view to clean house as Snyder did then Norv would have been shown the door and CC retained.

CC would have then been free to pick the next head coach of the Redskins and frankly, it's hard for me to imagine we'd be in worse shape than we are now!

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