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Spurrier/CLemson rumores.....non clown thread


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I am hearing there is sickening talk on local sports stations here in SC that Spurrier has already interviewed for the Clemson job and will most likely take it. I have no idea what evidence this is based on but they are reporting that he has definitley visited the campus. I think it is BS because Clemson sucks and they would do anything to stir some excitement at death valley, but want to know if anyone else has heard this rumor..........

Will post more when I hear more......

here is the one BS factor pulled from thjis article:


"It's true, when it comes to Hartin there are few secrets. Everyone knows he loves the University of South Carolina and the Dallas Cowboys. They also know he hates Clemson University and the Washington Redskins. They know he follows baseball and football but couldn't care less about hockey or the NBA. And they know that despite his love for golf, he may have the worst handicap in the Lowcountry"

gonna call in and rip his rednack fat a*s up and down....

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There was some mention of this on the Gator boards a week or two ago. It's the most believable rumor I've seen given the source, who claimed that Spurrier had been at Clemson two times recently.

If Spurrier was to return to college ball, why not replace the son of his arch-rival/nemesis Bobby Bowden.

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Personally I have a hard time believing that Spurrier will go back to college at all. His ego is huge and to take a coaching job in college would mean he failed in the NFL. (At least thats the way I see it.) He might not be winning yet...but he's been a winner everywhere he has gone. He can do it again in the NFL!

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